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Discus and support Email in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; The only way I could get email to work in Outlook 2016 was to remove the two step authorisation from my Microsoft account. I read that with... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by AlanWade, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. AlanWade Win User Email

    The only way I could get email to work in Outlook 2016 was to remove the two step authorisation from my Microsoft account. I read that with the two-step activated you need to get a app password from my Microsoft homepage which I did but still it wouldnt work.
    Does anyone have any idea how to make email work with Outlook 2013/2016 with the two step activated?

    Many Thanks


    AlanWade, Sep 18, 2015
  2. david-e Win User

    Connect Windows Phone 8.1 Update to

    > Is it the same email address as the one you are attempting to set up as an Outlook account?

    I think the correct answer to this question is, No.

    My email address is: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. That is not the email for my Microsoft Account.

    But the email address used for my MS Account has been added as an email account to

    Desktop Outlook allows me to connect to both the account and the personal email account.

    I'm trying to use to fully sync email on my phone.
    david-e, Sep 18, 2015
  3. Eloise T. Win User
    I want to set up 2 emails on my WP8


    Thank you for posting in the forum.

    Normally you should be able to use different emails on your phone.

    Are you using one of the email as your Microsoft account ?

    Are they just emails or Exchange, or from an other domain ?

    If they are just normal emails, you can try to add one under "Hotmail"


    Eloïse T
    Eloise T., Sep 18, 2015
  4. Kari Win User Email

    Outlook works with app passwords but strangely enough the setup process is buggy; I have honestly sometimes got the password prompt 3 - 4 times until Outlook finally accepts it and the account is all set up.

    Based on my experience I recommend setting up the email accounts for Outlook, especially MS accounts with two step verification enabled when the Outlook itself is in fact not running.

    In this way I have never failed to set up an email account in Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016:
    When installed launch Outlook and when it initially asks do you want to set up an email account, answer No and in the follow-up question Yes, I do want to use Outlook without an email. When ready or if your Outlook was already setup earlier, close it.

    Next step: set up your email accounts in Control Panel: Email [​IMG]

    The credentials dialog can pop up a few times asking for the password: Email [​IMG]

    Just add your app password each time and click OK, you account should finally be set up.
  5. AlanWade Win User
    Thanks Kari, I will give it a go *Smile
    AlanWade, Sep 18, 2015
  6. AlanWade Win User
    Sorted Thankyou Kari *Smile
    AlanWade, Sep 19, 2015
  7. Kari Win User
    You are welcome *Smile
  8. ChrisNH Win User Email

    I have two-step verification enabled on my Microsoft Account, use Windows 10, have installed Office 2016, and ran into the 'buggy" issue you mentioned when I tried to update my MS password. In other words it also took me several tries to get Outlook 2016 desktop to accept an app password for my Outlook email account. This problem occurred on two different PCs, a Lenovo laptop and Surface Pro 3. You would think that MS would have this all worked out. In any case, next time I change my MS password I will try your method. Thanks for the insight!
    ChrisNH, Apr 5, 2018
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