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Discus and support Word, Excel, etc. in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi all. One of the e-mail accounts I have is the webmail of I originally created this e-mail account years ago when Windows 10 was... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Pez, May 4, 2021 at 1:47 PM.

  1. PEZ
    Pez Win User Word, Excel, etc.

    Hi all. One of the e-mail accounts I have is the webmail of I originally created this e-mail account years ago when Windows 10 was first about to launch. As I'm sure many of you will remember, when Windows 10 first launched, they said if you had a current, licensed copy of either Windows 7 or 8, then you could upgrade and keep Windows 10 for free, no strings attached. And, if my memory serves me correctly, I also remember hearing around that time that if you had - or would acquire - a Microsoft e-mail account, it would make the process of getting Windows 10 easier. And, I think, back at that time, it was "", not "". But in time, whenever I would type into the URL field, it would redirect to So, I've had this account for about 6 years now. And, I'm not exactly sure how long ago, but maybe many months ago, I noticed that after signing into my account at, a Menu appeared on the left-hand side of the interface that I don't remember seeing before. Maybe it had been "hidden" and I inadvertently clicked something or hit some key combo. Anyway, on the left-hand side, the Menu looks like this: As you can see, it's like a web-based version of Word, Excel, etc. On my home computer, I have a copy of the Office 2016 Suite, so, even though I saw the web-based version in my Outlook.Live e-mail, I didn't use it. Out of curiosity recently, I did launch the Word icon in Outlook.Live just to check it out; sure, it works just fine. And, I noticed you can Save the document, and, choose to Save it as a file on your local hard drive, and when you do this, I noticed it saves it as a .DOCX file....which is, of course, the proper file extension name for a Word file Besides my home computer, there is also the current computer I am typing this on at the moment, my work-issued laptop. And yes, this laptop - like my home computer - also has the Office 2016 Suite installed on it. But here's what I want to find out........ Let's say that I'm using some other computer and I want to log into my Outlook.Live e-mail via a web browser, but, let's just say that this particular computer does not have any version of the Microsoft Office Suite program installed on it. So if I were to launch Word via Outlook.Live, type up a document and then Save it to the local hard drive.....would it still save as a .DOCX file? And then let's say I navigate to that Saved file, would I be able to click on it/ open it, and continue to edit it? In my hypothetical example, since the Office Suite is not installed on that computer, would the Saved file still be able to be opened? If the Office Suite was not installed on that computer and I clicked on the saved .DOCX would it open? Since the Word program is not installed on that machine......would it somehow know to launch a web browser and then want me to log into my Outlook.Live account? Thanks for any helpful info;

  2. x509 Win User

    Word and Excel 2013 now crash when I try to print or edit-Outlook OK

    Trying to print or edit in Office 2013 Word and Excel now causes the program to crash. Outlook works fine.

    the following have not fixed the problem.
    1. Repair install of Office 2013
    2. Uninstall (with Revo Pro) and then full re-install
    3. Uninstall and then reinstall of the HP Laserjet printer drive.

    What is my next step, short of nuking the entire Win installation and starting over (ugh!)???
  3. PGR
    PGR Win User
    outlook opens word?

    If you use a version of Outlook prior to v. 2007, there's a checkbox in one of the preferences tabs which controls this. You can choose Word or Outlook Editor.

    V. 2007 no longer includes Outlook Editor, though. It has it's own 'light' verson of Word 2007 built in.

  4. Silverel Win User Word, Excel, etc.

    outlook opens word?

    Yes it does. *Smile Word, Excel, etc. :) Outlook uses word for message composition.
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