Windows 10: Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area)

Discus and support Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area) in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Windows 10 Enterprise - not sure of build. Outlook 2016 - MSO (16.0.8326.2073) 64-bit. Everything was working Thursday 9/14/17 and not working... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by TigerHeli, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. TigerHeli Win User

    Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area)

    Windows 10 Enterprise - not sure of build.
    Outlook 2016 - MSO (16.0.8326.2073) 64-bit.

    Everything was working Thursday 9/14/17 and not working today 9/18/17. Not sure what updates might have been applied.

    For clarification, I am talking about the icon in the Systray, not the taskbar icon and not the Action Center - although I don't get Action Center notifications either.

    Issue is similar to this, but it is NOT the taskbar icon ... Microsoft Community

    Re-booting did not help.

    Just re-read the link I posted and he said the taskbar icon was not changing, but the notification area worked. I have the opposite problem (Well, Outlook isn't pinned to the taskbar, and I'm using small icons, so I don't know if the taskbar icon is changing or not ...)

    TigerHeli, Sep 17, 2017

  2. my battery icon on the taskbar is gone after Jan 2018 Windows 10 upgrade

    On the "Turn system icons on or off" page, the Power switch symbol is grey, in "on" position, and not changeable.

    My user account is administrator, Windows 10.

    On the "Select which icons appear on the task bar" page, the Power switch is blue, shows "on", is changeable, but systray still doesn't have icon.

    Ok, I just rebooted. Power icon is now showing in systray, and both "turn system icons on or off" and "select which icons appear on the task bar" pages both have the switches blue, and changeable. When all else fails, reboot.
    Fishman-surf, Sep 17, 2017
  3. New mail notification icon still visible in windows 8 desktop outlook though i read that mail from windows phone 8.


    Found strange issue, i dont know if someone is reported this issue.

    Recently started using Windows Phone 8 Lumia, my desktop outlook and mobile outlook is configured with same account , when i receive a new mail i get the notification in both platforms.

    if i read the new mail from desktop outlook, mobile will show as mail is read- no issue

    if i read this mail in mobile outlook, my desktop outlook also shows as mail is read and inbox shows as zero, but the notification icon on minimize outlook in task bar visible always, to remove notification icon i have to restart my desktop outlook every

    with notification icon still visible i am not able to identify whether really new mail arrived.


    Syed.Amjad, Sep 17, 2017
  4. Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area)

    Hi TigerHeli. Welcome to the TenForums @TigerHeli

    Check your Windows update history, you will likely see one there for Office. I saw them last week for two different versions of Office. If the items below don't address then you could look at uninstalling. Create an Image with a tool like Macrium Reflect so you have a plan B before you back out updates and create a Restore Point.

    As a possible fix, just in case this setting was changed.....

    If you right click in a clear area of the task bask you get a menu. Right at bottom, click Taskbar settings.

    In window that opens scroll down to "Select which icons appear on taskbar". I know you want systray but all the names have confused the mere mortals. Click on Select......

    If Outlook 2016 generates or uses an Icon in the systray area it should be on this list. You can force to ON so it isn't hidden.

    Next thing to check, open Outlook. Click on file, click on Options, in the left column click on Mail. Scroll down on right looking for the heading "Mail Arrival". There is a check box to display envelope in taskbar, which I think is systray because that is where mine shows.

    Caledon Ken, Sep 18, 2017
  5. Plankton Win User
    I've never seen an Office update in my update history.....ever! I always have to manually update my Office suite (Office 2016 Pro Plus).
    I've done at least a half a dozen clean installs of my Windows 10 Pro (retail) since I've had it and it never showed an office update in the windows update history.
    Plankton, Sep 18, 2017
  6. Okay not an Office Update but security updates related to Office. I should choose my words more carefully.
    Caledon Ken, Sep 18, 2017
  7. TigerHeli Win User
    Thanks - more info ...

    I'm really familiar with Windows XP. I've used Win 7 for a while, and I've used Win 10 for only a month or so, but I'm moderately PC literate.

    I'm not sure how to check Windows Update history.

    This is a work computer and I don't have admin rights or the option to uninstall updates or image the hard drive.

    I mentioned something to our IT support department, but I thought I would get faster and more accurate help here.

    I checked that menu item previously. From what I can tell, this is similar to the WinXP menu that you got when you right-clicked and selected "Customize" in the systray - except that had the option to hide, show briefly, and show always an icon. Win 10 just has ON ("Always Show") and OFF ("Show Briefly").

    The problem (which was an issue with WinXP also) is there is an outlook icon and it is in the Systray, but there is no "new unread mail" icon, so there is no way to select it.

    And as I understand Win10 - this menu wouldn't make the icon appear - it can't be permanently hidden. Setting it ON in this menu makes it permanently seen and setting it OFF sets it so it is only visible when I click the up arrow. I've found that if I drag the icon to or from the hidden (up arrow) portion of the Systray, it does the same thing.

    I looked there and that box was checked. I unchecked it, closed Outlook, re-enabled it and closed and opened Outlook and nothing changed.

    More info - "I" personally haven't made any recent changes to the system. Not sure what might have been done in the background by Windows or our IT staff.

    New mail icons were appearing last week.

    As far as I can tell, I am not getting ANY notifications of new mail. Having said that, I use small taskbar icons and don't have Outlook pinned, so I wouldn't see the taskbar change, I think I have desktop notifications turned off, I don't use the speakers, so I wouldn't hear Play a Sound if that were enabled. I previously hid the Action Center, but I turned it back on and don't see any notifications there.

    If I go to Settings - System - Notifications and Actions: I have "Get Notifications from Apps and other senders" ON, and "Outlook 2016" ON, but I don't get notifications. "Skype for Business 2016" is off, but when it was on, I got notifications, and ErgoSuite doesn't have a menu setting, but I get notifications from it, so some notifications are working.

    (Also - I prefer NOT to get notifications other than the systray icon - but I am trying to point out that I don't seem to be getting ANY notifications (from Outlook) ...)
    TigerHeli, Sep 18, 2017
  8. Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area)

    Your Windows update history

    Start => Settings => Update and security

    Right near the top of right hand side, it says when it last checked for updates and should be a link right below, "Update History"

    So if you turn on Notifications from apps and then scroll down to disable the ones you don't want does Outlook notify. I guess the questions should be is Outlook 2016 even on that list of apps that could notify.

    Caledon Ken, Sep 18, 2017
  9. TigerHeli Win User
    Okay - update history is odd. I installed Office 365 on 1-Sep and it was working until 14-Sep. On 11-Sep, there was a Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB3213624) 32-Bit Edition, and on 14-Sep there was a Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4011055) 32-Bit Edition and a 2017-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4038782). I suspect one of the last two caused the issues based on the timing, but I'm not sure why Security Updates for Office 2010 32-Bit were successfully installed when I am running Office 2016 64-bit.

    I guess I didn't explain myself clearly enough above:

    Under Settings-System-Notifications and Actions:
    Get Notifications from apps and other senders is ON.
    Get Notifications from these senders:
    Audio - ON.
    Outlook 2016 - ON
    Security and Maintenance - ON
    Skype for Business 2016 - ON
    Software Center - OFF

    Outlook 2016 is available and turned on, but I don't get notifications - but I do from Skype if I enable it, and I do from ErgoSuite, even though that is not selectable.

    Under Settings - Personalization - Taskbar - Select which Icons Appear on the Taskbar:
    Outlook 2016 is OFF.

    Turning it on moves the icon next to the clock instead of near the up arrow, but there is no "You have unread mail" icon to select, which I would like to turn on.
    TigerHeli, Sep 18, 2017
  10. Plankton Win User
    Did you do this:

    Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area) [​IMG]
    Plankton, Sep 19, 2017
  11. Tony K Win User
    Yes it is there.

    Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area) [​IMG]

    Also, if it's any help, I have W10 Pro with Outlook 2016 as part of the Office suite. There is no icon in the systray until Outlook is open. I get email notifications via Action Center.

    To update Office:

    Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area) [​IMG]
    Tony K, Sep 19, 2017
  12. TigerHeli Win User
    Yes. Found something helpful though. I enabled Play a Sound and Briefly Change the Mouse Pointer along with Show an Envelope and Display a Desktop Alert.

    I use a custom mouse pointer, so I wasn't sure that would work, but I'm not getting a sound on new messages either.

    So I am not getting ANY new E-mail notification anywhere - which to me implies it is either an Outlook 2016 or a server issue and not a Windows 10 issue. (I still want a solution, though).
    @HippsieGypsie - I'm confused, are you trying to help me with my issue, or are you having the same issue on your system?
    TigerHeli, Sep 19, 2017
  13. Tony K Win User

    Outlook New E-mail Icon doesn't show in Systray (Notification Area)

    Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I'm trying to help. Just saying I have Windows Pro and not Enterprise, which I don't think makes a difference. I've been using Office for years. Had a copy of 2000 Pro then to 2014 when 2000 would no longer work. Now have O365.

    Quite honestly I forgot all about that icon in the systray since Windows 8/8.1 with the introduction of the UWP/Store Mail app in which I get notifications via Action Center in 10 and was Notification Center in 8/8.1. There is no icon until I open Office Outlook 2016 in 10, nor do I remember it in 8/8.1.

    I'm thinking since an Outlook account is an integral part of our MS account, we will get notifications no matter which mail app we use. It's now an integral part of the OS if one signs into a device using an MS account. Not sure about 3rd party apps, though. Don't use them.

    I guess the first question should be > Do you sign in with an MS account? If so, then I think you have a Windows problem with mail, not an Office problem. Perhaps the only time Office gives notifications is with a local account?
    Tony K, Sep 19, 2017
  14. TigerHeli Win User
    Got it - thanks!!!

    More background - this is a work computer, so no other devices being used.

    Personal preference, but I like the improvements in Win10, but I still operate like WinXP. (I have Cortana hidden, Normally have Action Center hidden (too many MS advertisements), still have the the Quick Launch Toolbar, NOTHING is pinned to the taskbar, etc.

    I like seeing the little envelope by the clock without having to do anything else.

    And it WAS working a week ago, but isn't working now ...

    I don't think Enterprise vs. Pro makes a difference. I still use Win XP and Office 2000 at home, works well enough for me, but ...

    I typically always have Outlook open, but yes, when it worked I never got a systray icon unless Outlook was open.

    I don't think I sign in with an MS Account. I'm not sure how that works. I log into the network. At one time, someone registered my network id and I had to enter that when I first started testing Office 365 (on a different work computer). I know I tried to comment on the Microsoft Community forums and it acted like I don't have an account, so either I don't have one, or it somehow logs in in the background for me automatically.
    TigerHeli, Sep 19, 2017
  15. Tony K Win User
    Yes, Windows 10 core is still Windows NT. There is just more cloud services within, such as Outlook Mail, no matter if it be the UWP/Store app, Win32 Outlook 2016 program, Outlook O2014, or whatever. This is all part of "Windows as a service".

    So then your work PC is maintained by your company IT department?

    To check how you sign into your PC > Open Settings app (WinKey/I combo) > Accounts. What's it say there?
    Tony K, Sep 19, 2017

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