Windows 10: Page and Swap File?

Discus and support Page and Swap File? in Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance to solve the problem; I've set the Page File for my C: drive to No Page File and my D: to System Managed. Doing this places the Page File on my D: drive, which is the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance' started by Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Geosammy Win User

    Page and Swap File?

    I've set the Page File for my C: drive to No Page File and my D: to System Managed.
    Doing this places the Page File on my D: drive,
    which is the faster of the 2 drives.

    Page and Swap File? [​IMG]

    The question is,
    should I still have a Swap File on my C: drive and also one on my D: drive?

    Here's a screenshot of the C: drive.
    Notice the Swap File and no Page File.

    Page and Swap File? [​IMG]

    Here's a screenshot of the D: drive.
    Make note of the Page File and also the Swap File.

    Page and Swap File? [​IMG]

    I was under the impression,
    that if I disable the Page Files on a specific drive,
    that both Page and Swap Files shouldn't be present on this drive?
    Is it normal to have 2 Swap Files of the same size on different drives?

    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016

  2. N95 New Firmware

    demand paging make this like swap file i think
    ahmed25---01, Apr 21, 2016
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  4. dalchina New Member

    Page and Swap File?

    Hi, this may be of interest- apologies if all is familiar.
    I've moved my pagefile.sys off my (C: ) - swapfile.sys is only present on C:
    dalchina, Apr 21, 2016
  5. Geosammy Win User
    No this is not familiar.
    I don't understand why I have two swap files.
    Should I only have one swapfile.sys?
    If so, how can I change this?
    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016
  6. dalchina New Member
    dalchina, Apr 21, 2016
  7. Geosammy Win User
    Okay, thanks for the link.
    I understand what and why there are these kinds of files.
    The question is...
    If I set my C drive to No Page File and then set the page file to be on my D drive as System Managed.
    Why is it that I have 2 swap files, and are both swap files being used, or not?

    Also if you placed your page file on another drive, other then the C drive.
    Why is it that you only have one swap file, yet I've done the same thing and I have 2 swap files?
    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016
  8. dalchina New Member

    Page and Swap File?

    Hi, this -er- curiously read video
    How to Delete the Swapfile.sys File - windows 10 - YouTube
    and this - see the section
    Moving Swapfile.sys to another location/drive

    in particular indicate the process of moving the files.

    They don't necessarily move together.

    I would assume from this that to successfully move BOTH files you have to be careful in the sequence.
    It should follow that
    - one of yours is redundant
    - I could consider moving my swapfile.sys if I wished.
    dalchina, Apr 21, 2016
  9. Geosammy Win User
    Thanks again for the links.
    Didn't you say that you only have one swap file, so why would you want to move it?

    I on the other hand have 2 such file.
    Would it be safe, if I could, to just remove one of them?
    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016
  10. dalchina New Member
    I would assume you should be able to delete one- should be under 256Mb. Simply check the date modified.. one of yours will hopefully be old.

    Otherwise I'm simply commenting on the differences.. and saying 'I could'..
    dalchina, Apr 21, 2016
  11. Geosammy Win User
    I'm confused, so I just set the page file to be system managed for all drives.
    Now I have 2 page file and 2 swap files, one swap and page file for each drive.
    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016
  12. Berton Win User
    I've always seen paging file [virtual memory] on Windows NT-based versions and swap file on Windows ME and earlier.

    I set the paging file on the C: drive at 2048MB and on a second hard drive at the recommended 1.5 times the physical RAM. With 8GB RAM that would be 2048MB on C: and 12288 on D:. I've seen marked improvement in system performance on the computers. Some program installations look for the paging file on the same drive as the OS.
    Berton, Apr 21, 2016
  13. Geosammy Win User

    Page and Swap File?

    I was mainly concerned about the 2 swap files, but now I don't really care any more.
    I also have 8GB's, so I'll give your configuration a try, it couldn't hurt, or at least I hope it doesn't hurt.
    Geosammy, Apr 21, 2016
  14. dalchina New Member
    Just to check- Win 8 & Win 10 have both a pagefile.sys and swapfile.sys - not to be confused with the older nomenclature (win 7 and earlier) where the pagefile was also referred to as the swap file for legacy reasons.
    dalchina, Apr 21, 2016
  15. LMiller7 Win User

    The term "swapfile" is an old one, dating back to a time when the OS would swap entire processes to disk. This wasn't very efficient but the best that could be done with the relatively primitive hardware available. But in the NT platform (and Windows 95, 98, ME) data was written to disk in pages of 4096 bytes. As a reflection of this the former swapfile became pagefile.sys, although the older term remained in use in Windows 9x. It iterm s still used in Linux, even though it is actual used for pages of data.

    That changed in Windows 8. pagefile.sys kept it's traditional role but a new swapfile.sys was introduced to page out the modern Apps. These are very small in comparison to traditional applications. For technical reasons it was more efficient to use a different file for this purpose. So in Windows 8 and later we have both pagefile.sys and swapfile.sys serving different purposes.

    There is some value in having a pagefile (or swapfile) on a separate physical drive other than that containing the OS. This largely disappears when SSDs are being used. But note carefully that these must be separate physical drives, not partitions. In the latter case performance would be impaired.

    But if you have a reasonable amount of RAM for your workload you won't gain much by doing this. This also assumes that the other drive is at least as fast as the OS drive.

    I do wonder though why the OS isn't on the faster drive. That would make more difference than anything you could do with the pagefile.
    LMiller7, Apr 4, 2018

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