Windows 10: partitioning hard drive

Discus and support partitioning hard drive in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; hi all this is a question about GPT UEFI and LEGACY partitions if I install in legacy mode on a 1 TB drive with no partitions will my laptop run ok I... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Boots, May 30, 2015.

  1. Boots Win User

    partitioning hard drive

    hi all this is a question about GPT UEFI and LEGACY partitions if I install in legacy mode on a 1 TB drive with no partitions will my laptop run ok I dont understand why GPT gives 4 partitions and I dont understand UEFI please explain all 3 options. many thanks to all that reply

    Boots, May 30, 2015

  2. Bootmgr is missing message or black screen with blinking cursor or Your PC/Device needs to be repaired (Error code: 0xc0000098) or error code: 0xc0000102

    If Windows loads with the second hard drive disconnected and fails to load with it connected, then check to see if there is a "System" partition on the 2nd drive. If there is then delete the System partition on the 2nd hard drive.

    Only the Windows drive (1st hard drive) should have a 'System' partition as the contents of this partition tells the computer where the C:\Windows partition is located.
    J W Stuart, May 30, 2015
  3. BulldogXX Win User
    What partition for clean installation of Windows 10 64-bit should be used?

    A clean install should be done to the C drive. This drive typically is called the SYSTEM drive or the Local Disk drive.

    A quick guide through the maze:

    1- In the binary system, "0" is the first number. That's why the first hard drive is Drive 0.

    2- A hard drive can be divided ("partitioned") into two or more areas called partitions. If a hard drive is not partitioned, it is said to have only one partition.

    Your computer has a single hard drive - Drive 0 - which has been divided into two partitions: Partition1 and Partition 2, But why - you may ask - is the first partition not Partition 0? Before the first partition starts, there's space on the hard drive to
    store technical data ('metadata') about the hard drive.

    Clear as mud? Watch out, it's gonna get worse:

    3- Each partition is commonly associated with a letter. Windows is usually installed in the first partition of the first hard drive. This is the C partition, or the C drive, if the hard drive only has one partition.

    (You may ask: What are the A and B drives? Those letters are no longer used - they're part of computing history.)

    4- In addition to a letter, you can optionally assign a name ('label') to each partition. The C drive or partition is traditionally called the System drive or the Local Disk drive. You can give it any name you like, or no name. But it's always a good idea
    to label each partition. The letters can become re-arranged, but the labels always stay in the same place.

    Here's a clean install bonus tip for no extra charge: If you format the C drive before do a clean install, you won't have a Windows.old folder on your hard drive taking up space for the next 30 days.

    Have fun.
    BulldogXX, May 30, 2015
  4. genet Win User

    partitioning hard drive

    Quote from this post:


    Use UEFI boot mode, because Secure Boot only works in UEFI boot mode, when you enable Secure Boot in your PC's UEFI firmware (BIOS) settings. Secure Boot protect users from rootkits and other low-level malware attacks by blocking unauthorized (non-signed) executables and drivers from being loaded during the boot process.
    genet, May 30, 2015

partitioning hard drive

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