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Discus and support Password in Windows Hello & Lockscreen to solve the problem; Im stuck in bios screen and it wont let me type my password in.... Discussion in 'Windows Hello & Lockscreen' started by barbarawhite7, Jan 12, 2020 at 9:02 PM.

  1. Password

    Im stuck in bios screen and it wont let me type my password in.

    barbarawhite7, Jan 12, 2020 at 9:02 PM
  2. Namslas90 Win User

    admin password?

    You can reset the Admin Password using Windows XP repair; See Here for step by step.

    *Toast :toast:
  3. Password issue

    After going through the steps to make a new password, after a week or two, my login credentials are no longer valid. I'm forced to make a new password all over again. It seems to happen if I don't login in a certain period of time. Does our passwords expire???
    GoFigureItOut, Jan 12, 2020 at 9:03 PM
  4. Password

    OK, Password problem...Mint

    Linux Mint - Community
    You can reset your password following the next steps:

    • Reboot your computer / Turn your computer on.
    • Hold down the Shift key at the start of the boot process to enable the GNU GRUB boot menu (if it does not show)
    • Press ESC at the GNU GRUB prompt.
    • Press e for edit.
    • Use the Arrow keys to highlight the line that begins with kernel and press the e key.
    • Go to the very end of the line and add rw init=/bin/bash
    • Press Enter and then press b to boot your system.
    • Your system will boot up to a passwordless root shell.
    • Type in passwd yourusername
    • Set your new password.
    • Restart your system.


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