Windows 10: patch fs9.1 french

Discus and support patch fs9.1 french in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hello, Despite the difficulties to run my old official fs9 Under w10 , I m trying this challenge but I m still missing the french patch to fs9.1 .... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by fabrice5962, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. patch fs9.1 french


    Despite the difficulties to run my old official fs9 Under w10 , I m trying this challenge but I m still missing the french patch to fs9.1 .

    old links are now broken and it's impossible to find it.

    the generic patch i found gave me error message atc.dll file moved and the uptading is aborting( due to language i presume ).

    Is it possible to find this file somewhere ?

    Thanks for your help

    Fabrice (French simmer )

    fabrice5962, Dec 1, 2019

  2. FS9 2004 compatability with Windows 10

    I was sent this my a forum member.

    If you still require CD 4 in the drive, follow these instructions:

    1. First, make sure that you have updated to the FS9.1 version. If not, download and install it from here:

    2. Second, download the FS9.1 no-CD patch here:

    3. Third, install the patch by:

    a. Rename your current fs9.exe file (in your main FS2004 folder) to fs9.exe.orig

    b. Copy the fs9.exe file from the patch file downloaded in step 2 into your main FS2004 folder.

    c. Start FS9 and it should start without the CD in the drive.

    Because an update stopped my FS9 from working I use the no-cd patch. It works.
    TerenceWallis, Dec 1, 2019
  3. Chriso747 Win User
    how to gt FS9 to run in windows 10

    I posted the following response a while ago to someone else who had a similar problem. However, this hasn't worked for some. You can add it to your list of attempts:

    "I'm an FSX user, so not familiar with FS9. However, there have been several posts by FS9 users who haven't been able to get their Sim to load, maybe with an error about 'secdrv' in their Event Logs.

    So, I'm unsure whether this is causing you to not be able to load FS9, but if you want to try it, go for it. FS9 no longer works since its disk #4 has a form of security that Microsoft no longer considers valid. To get around this, do the following:

    1. Update FS9 to FS9.1 and you can get the update from:

    2. Then download the FS9 No CD patch which allows FS9 to start without disk #4 to be inserted into the drive. You can get this patch from:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 v9.1 No-CD Patch

    Once installed, try to load the Sim. Hope this fix will help.

    Also, depending on your Graphics Card/driver version, FS9 (as with FSX) may give some problems running in full screen mode (i.e. it will run but not all features can be used). You may need to Alt + Enter to switch to windowed mode and back again, if required."
    Chriso747, Dec 1, 2019
  4. poulsej Win User

    patch fs9.1 french

    FS9 will not launch with windows 10

    Hi, The reason FS9 does not work is because disk 4 contains a form of security which Microsoft no longer considers secure (possibly macrovision?? - not sure). When you run fs9 the application tries to run CD4. At that point you will probably see an error
    in the event log about "secdrv". This is where the security is failing.

    Anyway, you want to get back to playing FS9 which isn't a problem !! First update your install of FS9 to FS9.1. Get that from here and run it......

    Then download the FS9 no cd patch which will allow you to start FS9 without CD4 inserted. There are a few places you can get it but here is one......

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 v9.1 No-CD Patch

    That's it......... I doubt MS will issue a patch as I don't think they support FS9(FS2004) any more. Also if they supplied a patch it would negate the use of CD4 !!

    OH.... One other thing. FS9 doesn't like running in full screen mode in Win10. After launching press "Alt+Enter" to switch to window mode. Stretch it to the full size of the screen. It should remember this next time. Maybe it's time to move to X-Plane !
    poulsej, Dec 1, 2019

patch fs9.1 french

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