Windows 10: PC hard freezes occasionnally

Discus and support PC hard freezes occasionnally in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello. I Built myself a new computer last month. Here are the specs: CPU: i7 9700k - GPU : ASUS ROG strix 2070 RTX SUPER RAM: 3200 mhz Corsair... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by icyyy, May 21, 2020.

  1. icyyy Win User

    PC hard freezes occasionnally

    Hello. I Built myself a new computer last month. Here are the specs:

    CPU: i7 9700k -
    GPU : ASUS ROG strix 2070 RTX SUPER
    RAM: 3200 mhz Corsair Vengenace 2x16 GB
    SSD: Crucial P.1 1TB
    Cooler: Corsair h115i platinum 280MM
    PSU: Corsair rm750x
    motherboard: MPG z390 gaming pro carbon
    4x fans for airflow
    case: rosewill Prism S

    The crashes USUALLY happen when gaming it did happen once when i was just browsing the web . The crashes are Hard freezes, as in mouse/keyboard stay frozen, sound stops or makes weird loop noise.
    I have to hold down the power button and restart it that way.

    temps are ALWAYS Fine, i monitor them 24/7 . Idle 32-36, gaming 50-60
    GPU temps never go over 55 either
    My problem started as soon as i began gaming with the rig. The problem is very hard to pinpoint, because i can go a week+ without any crashes, or it can happen twice in a day.

    Event viewer only reports the kernel 41 Bad shutoff procedure

    At first i thought it was the RAM because of the Hard freezes, so i ran memtest86 multiple passes which all succeeded. i still thought it was the RAM, so I RMA'ed it and got a new pair, freezes still happening.

    Than i Thought it was the PSU i had a 650W EVGA before So i changed it for the Corsair RM750x, but the crashes are still happening.

    After that I disabled XMP, disable intel Turbo boost and ran fine for 2 weeks + no crashes

    So after 2 weeks of no crash I decided to enable XMP + turbo boost back, and I crashed eventually. maybe 3-4 days

    So after that I disabled XMP, but left Turbo-boost ON . I just crashed 2 days ago on those settings. that was my last crash

    Right now I'm running Turbo Boost OFF, but i manually overclocked my CPU @ 4.7 GHZ . havent crashed yet, but its been only 2 days and sometimes can take a week + to crash.

    At this point im pretty sure its not the RAM or the PSU. Leaning towards CPU, GPU or SSD...

    I was wondering if anyone was experiencing any of these issues,


    icyyy, May 21, 2020
  2. Naki Win User

    GPU-Z 0.7.8 / 0.7.9 / 0.8.0 Bios reading not possible GTX670-solved with gpu-z 0.8.1

    @Maban - does GPU-Z fail the same way for you the way it does for me? I.e. total system freeze/lockup, requiring a hard reset?

    @W1zzard - I will try the suggested steps later today, as I am not near that PC at the moment.
  3. RealNeil Win User
    Hard Freeze problem.

    SeaSonic is the best choice out of the ones that you listed. I think that it's the best there is. (my own opinion)

    Your Power Supply is the single most important component in your computer.

    Without a good brand that you can trust to work optimally, everything else in the system is at risk. It's the logical first-step when building a PC.
    Remember that if a poor quality power supply fails, it can take out a lot of your other PC components at the same time. (it's happened to me before)
    If a high quality PSU fails, it will not destroy the rest of your system.
    RealNeil, May 21, 2020
  4. Divin3 Win User

    PC hard freezes occasionnally

    Windows 10 hangs/freezes on Restart

    If this happens even during installation, that means that it is probably a hardware issue. To troubleshoot the problem, I suggest doing the following steps:

    1. Install Hard Disk Sentinel and use it to check your HDD/SSD for problems.
    2. Use MemTest to make sure that your RAM is ok. Here is a how to - guide.

    After You done these two steps, give a feedback of the results.
    Divin3, May 21, 2020

PC hard freezes occasionnally

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