Windows 10: Pc keeps rebooting or hard hanging

Discus and support Pc keeps rebooting or hard hanging in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; it started a day ago i was playing dota then the monitor said no connection but i could still hear discord and the dota sound though i dont think my... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by AlexDavid2, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Pc keeps rebooting or hard hanging

    it started a day ago i was playing dota then the monitor said no connection but i could still hear discord and the dota sound though i dont think my friend could hear me so i unpluged the pc after that i booted it the monitor seemed fine there is a display though after less than a minuute after booting like i could see my apps the pc would just reboot itself or it would either hard hang during booting like at the lock screen or when opening an app even google it would just hard hang the caps lock light wont light up when i press the key on my keyboard so i would have to restart but it would just do the same

    AlexDavid2, Apr 4, 2019
  2. Divin3 Win User

    Windows 10 hangs/freezes on Restart

    If this happens even during installation, that means that it is probably a hardware issue. To troubleshoot the problem, I suggest doing the following steps:

    1. Install Hard Disk Sentinel and use it to check your HDD/SSD for problems.
    2. Use MemTest to make sure that your RAM is ok. Here is a how to - guide.

    After You done these two steps, give a feedback of the results.
    Divin3, Apr 4, 2019
  3. Atkinra Win User
    Creative update hangs at 81%


    I have a multi boot PC which keeps trying to apply the Creative update and yet either hangs at first reboot ( which when hard rebooted goes on to then hang at 81%) or progresses throght to the 81% point and then hangs.

    I have tried all the usual things such as remove all usb devices except keyboard and mouse, disconnect from network, use sfc and other syatem file check utilities and install from iso.

    Have you any suggestions as to what I can do next?


    Atkinra, Apr 4, 2019
  4. Thrackan Win User

    Pc keeps rebooting or hard hanging

    PC reboots (no BSOD) on CPU stress

    Hi fellow TPU members,

    not too long ago, the box my gf's PC was transported in gave way on the stairs. Yes, you got it right, that sent a PC tumbling down a flight of steps alright.

    Stuff broke. Also, stuff remained intact somehow.

    I bought her a new case, new CPU cooler and we removed the floppy drive, so far so good. But the PC started crashing for no apparent reason, without a BSOD.

    I tested:
    • Memtest86+, left overnight, 0 errors
    • Scanned the HDD for errors, nothing there
    • Left FurMark burning up the GFX card and drawing some power, no problems there
    • Ran Ubuntu from a Live CD doing nothing special, didn't crash
    • Ran OCCT, Linpack, Prime95, all 3 caused reboots within minutes
    • Oh, and I disabled "Restart on error" so I'm sure it's not a BSOD.
    Now, I can still try and test something CPU intensive on Ubuntu, but my guess is the CPU didn't survive.
    Before I do anything drastic like whippin' out the magic wallet and get her a new AMD quad, is there anything I didn't see?
    I'm guessing the motherboard could be borkered as well, but can I check that other than replacing the CPU with a working one?
    Any suggestions on which proggies I can use from an Ubuntu Live CD to stress the CPU?
    Thrackan, Apr 4, 2019

Pc keeps rebooting or hard hanging