Windows 10: Permissions screwed after KB3116908 update

Discus and support Permissions screwed after KB3116908 update in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Problem: After update KB3116908 yesterday puter reboots and.. 1, Desktop background image gone and colour changed to black. 2, A couple of smaller... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Slarti, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Slarti Win User

    Permissions screwed after KB3116908 update

    Problem: After update KB3116908 yesterday puter reboots and..
    1, Desktop background image gone and colour changed to black.
    2, A couple of smaller programs/tools un-installed, but re install and run fine.
    Trivial I know but more serious...
    3, Apache which ran OK before update can't start because ports 80 & 443 are in use?
    [not by skype, I know about skype, and IIS / World Wide Publishing Service or what ever it called these days is not running either]
    4, DW fails to start with Error 16??

    A little digging and I find a workaround, run them as Administrator. Apache now runs and serves pages, and I don't have an problems saving files in DW.

    But I shouldn't have to run any of them "as Administrator" and how many more programs will I find with the same problem.

    At the moment everything else seems to be OK. Nas OK shares with an Android Tv box setup and working fine, no problems with any hardware [as far as I know]

    A lot others are having the same problem according to Google but I've not found an answer yet

    I am Logged in on an Administrator account in case you ask.
    History if it helps.
    Upgraded from 8.1 a month ago
    Ran dual boot 7 + 10 until I got 10 running the way I like and all programs installed and running OK
    Ditched 7 and moved 10 to my boot SSD two days ago, was very happy until the KB3116908 update.

    My system tells me that the OS Version is 1511 Build 10586.17 and that the original Install Date was 06/12/2015, 13:21:42 but it wasn't, it was over a month ago.

    I read that KB3116908 was a major update so not keen as yet to uninstall it, do we have any say on updates yet??

    Permissions seem to be screwed up so any help greatly appreciated.

    Slarti, Dec 6, 2015

  2. kb3116908

    After installing kb3116908 through automatic updates wlan autoconfig service intermittently stops. I can restart the service but it stops again after acouple of minutes.

    I unistalled kb3116908 and the problem was resolved. What do I need to do. Do I disable automatic updates as kb3116908 will probably be reinstalled
    hughcleland, Dec 6, 2015
  3. Hakav Win User
    kb3116908 x64 for win10 update failed with error code 0x800F0922

    I haved install kb3116908 via windows update .after reboot,update will failed at 87% and rollback update .

    I also try thease and failed:

    1.install kb3116908 manual;

    2.delete all files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and reinstall;
    Hakav, Dec 6, 2015

Permissions screwed after KB3116908 update

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