Windows 10: Pin Keypad Gone

Discus and support Pin Keypad Gone in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; I use the 4 digit PIN login for Win 10. In the past, I would get the small 10 digit number keypad when I touched the PIN input box on the logon screen.... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by retiredfields, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Pin Keypad Gone

    I use the 4 digit PIN login for Win 10. In the past, I would get the small 10 digit number keypad when I touched the PIN input box on the logon screen. Lately, on all my devices, the small keypad has been replaced by the full on screen keyboard when I touch the PIN input box on the logon screen. I've found a number of folks with the same issue, but no resolution.

    Very annoying.

    Anyone know how to get back to the small keypad?

    retiredfields, Nov 28, 2015
  2. LCRT Win User

    Lumia Icon PIN keypad gone

    The steps to fix it have been mentioned twice in this thread already.

    Once in the post marked as the answer.

    again in the post which you've replied to.
  3. pierce324 Win User
    Lumia Icon PIN keypad gone

    Thanks for the words of discouragement!

    As a Verizon customer, insider builds are my only option for updating. I realize that Windows 10 mobile is still a beta product and there will be bugs but so far that have been rare and not consequential. When this update hit the fan, I was hoping for a
    little more help than "****, sucker". After posting this I managed to navigate support and get to the mobile support page. While on hold at the chat page, I found the blog post and manged to do a hard reset and reload a recent backup which fixed it.

    In spite of being in a constant beta state, Windows Mobile is a relatively stable and elegant OS. Sadly, with the growth of support for Office on Android, the lack of app availability, the scarcity of hardware in the market along with the worrisome news
    about MS purging the mobile division, it's hard to justify staying with it beyond this phone.
    pierce324, Nov 28, 2015
  4. sn00ker Win User

    Pin Keypad Gone

    Does it not show you login options just below were you type in the password ?
    sn00ker, Nov 28, 2015
  5. Berton Win User
    The 10-key Key pad is controlled by Win10 regardless of the BIOS setting.

    There has been posted a number of places where editing a Registry item can change its performance but working in the Registry is not for the faint-of-heart as one mistake will keep Windows from booting up.

    I found the change would retain the status of the key pad when shut down, i.e. if NumLock is On at shutdown it will be on at startup. If Off it will be off.
    Change the Default NumLock State at Registry Guide for Windows
    More: registry to turn numlock on at DuckDuckGo
    Sorry, that didn't answer about the onscreen key pad.
    Berton, Apr 5, 2018

Pin Keypad Gone

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