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Discus and support Please delete this message in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; I made a mistake starting this new thread. Sorry. 115784 Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by alkaufmann, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Please delete this message

    I made a mistake starting this new thread. Sorry.

    alkaufmann, Aug 11, 2018
  2. bestellen Win User

    Deleting contacts from Windows 10

    When you say Windows Mail Live are you referring to Mail app or Windows Live Mail?

    I suggest you to try the steps provided below and check if it helps.

    • Open Windows Live Mail.
    • Press Ctrl + 3 using your keyboard. Right-click on the contact to delete it if it is a single contact.
    • Highlight all contacts by pressing Ctrl + A.
    • Click Delete located on the Ribbon bar.
    • Click OK when you see the message These contacts will also be deleted from Hotmail, Messenger, and other Windows Live services.

    After following the steps above, all your contacts that you have manually added to your account will be deleted however, contacts coming from third-party sites such as Facebook will not be deleted unless you remove Facebook from your account.

    For Mail app:

    Open People app then delete the contact.

    Hope this helps in resolving the issue. If the issue persists, do get back to us. We will be happy to assist you.
    bestellen, Aug 11, 2018
  3. topgundcp Win User
    Unable to delete a folder - Invalid folder name

    • Run chkdsk x: /r to make sure that there's no HD corruption.
      x: is the drive containing the folder you want to delete.
    • Try to delete the folder again. If still does not work, go to step 3.
    • Download: Download - Linux Mint and create a bootable USB using: Rufus - Create bootable USB
    • Boot up with Linux Mint and try to delete the folder again.
      NOTE: Unlike WinPE. Linux does not have any Windows permission imposed to it so it is easier to delete.
    topgundcp, Aug 11, 2018
  4. Please delete this message

    Taskbar bug: switching to another window -will not appear at the front

    Follow either of these steps to fix the issue with the Active window hiding behind.

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to disable window by hovering over it with the mouse and check if it helps. To do so I suggest you to try the below given steps and check if it helps:

    • Press Windows key + X key and click on Control Panel.
    • Select or click Ease of Access.
    • Click or tap onEase of Access Centre.
    • Click on Make the Mouse Easier to Use was uncheck Activate Window by hovering over it with the mouse.
    • Check if issue is resolved.
    Method 2:
    I would suggest you to completely uninstall the touchpad driver and reinstall it. Kindly follow the below given steps.

    • Press “Windows key + X” and click on “Device Manager”.
    • In the list of devices, you should see the touchpad drivers.
    • Right click on the device and then select "Uninstall".
    • In the uninstall dialog, make sure you select the option to delete the driver package from the system. This causes the driver package installed earlier to be deleted.
    • In the Action menu of Device manager, select “Scan for Hardware changes” option. This will cause the device driver to be reinstalled. Once the driver is installed, close all windows and restart the computer.
    ChojiTiger, Aug 11, 2018

Please delete this message

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