Windows 10: Please help me w10, ty

Discus and support Please help me w10, ty in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; *Confused*Start*Start*Confused i bought s windows 10 and i,ve nothing but trouble with it, its quite a decent IOS when it does what its ask which... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by corbychris77, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Please help me w10, ty

    *Confused*Start*Start*Confused i bought s windows 10 and i,ve nothing but trouble with it, its quite a decent IOS when it does what its ask which recently has not been the case. My Windows 10 now refuses to function as its supposed to. When i turn on Nothing happens it won't let me scroll or slide the screen as it once did. The 4 symbols on the homepage are not responding to touch. Its a brilliant IOS that deserves a round of a applause *Thumbs.

    corbychris77, Jan 26, 2016

  2. New Here Looking for help please and ty

    i am trying to find forums for windows 10, this seems pretty close to what i am looking for.

    I have some questions and concerns about windows 10, aswell as it would be nice to read what others are experienceing, So if someone has a link or if this is the right place how to navigate would be nice.


    In processes i have Microsoft account, using 3-5% of cpu , what seems like constantly. Also DWM And WWAHost using 2-4% cpu aswell while my computer is just idling, this never happened in windows 7, and i would like to know more so i can turn them off if
    i can to save on cpu useage? Also i use local account, not my live account so...why does microsoft account run and use the cpu.

    My 2nd issue is the Notifications button/slider and Start menu.

    I click the notifications icon, and nothing happens once my computer has been on for awhile, it only seems to respond when i have recently started it up fresh. it will also be filled in and nothing will be there in notifications.

    The start menu, when i start up my computer right off the bat it responds great, open close open close. but again once the computer has been on for awhile it slows down dramatically, and its like click...wait wait...start menu opens. Also can i remove the
    right panel or get a way to customize it or have it go back to windows 7 style?


    i use MPC - Media Player Classic and MADVR, For my movies because i find they have the best quality. If something is happening other then the movie playing, i find the video shakes and jitters, this also never happened before in windows 7. Anyway if anyone
    could point me in the right direction for these complaints or issues i would appreciate it....

    oh and, what gives with not being able to change the color of the background of open windows from white....can i not change the color of the backgrounded window and maybe the text and such? haha seems simple enough. insted of having to download and use 3rd
    party themes right.
    lightstrider01, Jan 26, 2016
  3. Log on to profile

    i enter my password and for a millisecond I can see my desktop then it goes back to log in. I do not have an IT person and Microsoft says they cant help & Lenovo said, "my supervisor said I cant talk to you about this". Does anyone have a suggestion? Please
    and thank you

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    Please Help Me Please, Jan 26, 2016
  4. D3LL Win User

    Please help me w10, ty

    Did this just stop overnight? Did you install something? Have you checked your machine is fully up to date by pressing Start > Type 'Check for Updates' and run it.

    Please can you also provide your machine specs make & model.

Please help me w10, ty

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