Windows 10: Pls guys i need help im not pressing anything

Discus and support Pls guys i need help im not pressing anything in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; [ATTACH] submitted by /u/Sea_Seal [link] [comments] Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Sea_Seal, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Pls guys i need help im not pressing anything

    /u/Sea_Seal, Feb 17, 2021

  2. Pls help me guys ...!

    Guys , pls help me !! i have a really seriosly problem : My local disk C is almost full , and i get a notification to clear some storage .... after i press it , he directed me to the Storage section when it scans
    my system to clean it .... the problem is , before it finished that scan , it directed me to the principal Storage page , and i pressed Manage Storage Spaces and then i pressed Create A new Pool .... he gived me an error , and then my Local Disc E dissapear
    ..... now i have only local disc C and D ..... on my local disc E i was having one terrabite memory ..... pls help me !!! can i recover my Local disc E ? if yes , how ???? i was having many important files on it .... pls , help me !!!
    AlexChelaru, Feb 17, 2021
  3. qubit Win User
    i update bios then black screen ???? pls help me 980ti

    @smoka Great you fixed it and would be interesting to know how you did it. Care to list the basic steps you took to do it so that it can help others stuck in the same situation?
    qubit, Feb 17, 2021
  4. Pls guys i need help im not pressing anything



    Thank you for posting your reply.

    I would like to inform that the option to skip to enter the product key screen is available only when a Clean Installation is performed.

    I suggest you to activate the product key by phone by following the steps below:

    • Press “Windows key + R” and type “slui 4” and press Enter.
    • Select the Region from the list and click Next.
    • Call the Toll-Free number provided on top and can activate via phone.
    Hope the information is helpful.

    Eeshwar Kumar, Feb 17, 2021

Pls guys i need help im not pressing anything

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