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Discus and support Pointer in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; When I place my pointer over a button it will press it even if I do not press the touchpad. How do I turn that off... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Sal6767, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Sal6767 Win User


    When I place my pointer over a button it will press it even if I do not press the touchpad. How do I turn that off

    Sal6767, Nov 8, 2018

  2. Pointers

    Points are simply a value (address) that "points" to a value. It has no extra information about what it is pointing to (hence the danger). When using arrays/indexers, the operating system knows this is a collection that is this long and is of this type. Any operation that steps outside of those constraints is caught and handled. On the other hand, if a pointer so much as points to the wrong address, all the values will subsequently be wrong.

    Pointers are faster but more risky.
    FordGT90Concept, Nov 8, 2018
  3. Mouse Pointer


    You can customize your mouse in a variety of ways in Windows. To change how your mouse pointer looks, you can follow the steps below:

    • Right-click on the Start menu, then click Control Panel.
    • Select Mouse, then go to the Pointers tab.
    • Select the pointer you prefer from the drop-down list, click
      Apply > OK.

    If you want to use a pointer that is not on the list, you can download it online. After that, go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers tab again, then click

    Update us if it addressed your issue.
    Angela Pun, Nov 8, 2018
  4. Pointer

    Mouse Pointer almost invisible when pressed Win + G in games.

    Hi Isaquede,

    For us to properly isolate the issue with your mouse pointer, we would like to know the following:

    • Were there any changes/updates made on your device?
    • When did the issue begin?
    • Is it happening in all your activities?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you done so far to resolve this?

    In the meantime, we suggest that check these article: Mouse, touchpad, and keyboard problems in Windows
    & How to troubleshoot mouse pointer display issues in Microsoft games, and follow
    the troubleshooting steps to resolve your mouse pointer issue.

    We look forward to your response.
    Michael Gall, Nov 8, 2018