Windows 10: Possible to disable power connector warning?

Discus and support Possible to disable power connector warning? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hello, A while back I accidently kicked out the power cord from my laptop which damaged the power connector. It still worked, it charged just fine,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by GeneS, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. GeneS Win User

    Possible to disable power connector warning?


    A while back I accidently kicked out the power cord from my laptop which damaged the power connector. It still worked, it charged just fine, but whenever the connector was plugged in, the "power connector is not plugged in properly" warning kept popping up even though the laptop was charging just fine. The other strange thing is that the warning box would be translucent and flickering and I couldn't close it. I could click on another window to send it to the back but couldn't close the warning box except in Task Manager. It would shortly pop up again anyway.

    So I finally got the connector replaced thinking that would solve the problem but it didn't. The warning box constantly and randomly pops up while charging making me think that maybe the motherboard suffered some damage too.

    Rather than pay to replace the motherboard, does anyone know if it is possible to simply disable this warning? I really don't need to know if the connector is plugged in properly, it's hard not to plug it in properly and if it's not charging I will find out eventually via low power warnings.

    GeneS, Jan 24, 2016
  2. darjaa Win User

    Nokia 2720 cable Easy Flash

    I have a Nokia 2720 and would like to connect it to a PC. It is usually said that it is not possible with a cable. BUT I read in the specification that there is a "Easy Flash connector" and I see just above the power connector a very little four plots connector
    (not mentioned in the support). SO are you sure that no cable can be used with this model? And if possible, which cable? Is the cable I found on the web for the 2760 compatible? Thanx.
    darjaa, Jan 24, 2016
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    Isn't it possible to load E61 battery through USB connector ? Is it mandatory to plug power supply to charge it ?


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  4. Possible to disable power connector warning?

    Hello GeneS Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    While plug was replaced the connector on the system board itself wasn't and when you inadvertently kicked the cord off and that pulled the plug out you likely saw the other end being the internal connected tugged and may now be seeing a loose solder point. Or the connector itself got a little stretched on the inside of that as the plug was yanked out at an angle.

    If by chance a contact was lifted off of the board a bit while only for direct power feed while still seeing the battery charged up normally you would take that to an authorized repair shop or at least someone who has electronic bench assembly soldering experience and either a scope or good multimeter for checking the continuity of each contact point which has to be seen to in a tight work space! since laptops are well compacted.

    As for the popup you see once you start disabling system notifications it wouldn't be just that alone that would be disabled but other popups as well. You have to stop and disable a system service ordinarily since that handles a variety of notifications rather then each type being something you disable separately. That's unfortunately how Windows works. And then you have to take into account anything the manufacturer may have tossed in as far as how notifications in Windows work on laptops, tablets, netbooks, premade desktops, etc. apart from how things would work on a custom build for example.
    Night Hawk, Jan 24, 2016
  5. GeneS Win User
    Thanks very much for your reply Night Hawk!

    So it looks like repair is the best option. As far as disabling system notifications, I guess if I did this I would lose necessary system notifications? I wonder if I could live without them, do you know which notifications would be lost?
    GeneS, Jan 25, 2016
  6. Not actually! I haven't been playing around with the notification services any to actually separate things in that regard. Ironically a friend just told me earlier about a nephew bringing over a laptop that would no longer charge and one of his own kids mentioned the plug being sloppy inside the connection where the plug had to be held just right to see the battery charge or run from ac.

    My friend was asking how to get the casing open since he assumes it may be a loose wire inside. Generally these are more or less surface mounted to the main board where you don't see wires but copper contacts soldered to the board directly when manufactured making home repairs next to impossible and why I mentioned an experienced assembly person could likely be the type of person with the necessary soldering experience to possibly see the connector replaced since once stretched no good!

    Someone at an authorized repair shop should have some of that type of experience if not shipping it out for you to the manufacturer who could easily see the connector replaced. It would then be covered since the company fixed it if anything didn't go well. Even if the dealer warranty is long over it would be on them to see it fixed correctly.
    Night Hawk, Jan 25, 2016
  7. GeneS Win User
    Mine never had a charging problem. Even before I had the jack replaced it charged just fine, the power connector warning just kept popping up constantly, translucent and flickering. Nothing changed after I had the jack replaced.

    Looks like I will have to take this out to get repaired or deal with this annoying problem. When the window pops up, it interrupts my work and I have to click off the window to send it to the back, I can't close it except in Task Manager and of course it pops up again shortly anyway. Luckily it doesn't happen when I'm not charging.

    So some other contact than the ones soldered in the replacement jack must be bad - or it was a poor solder job. Thanks for all your advice!
    GeneS, Jan 25, 2016
  8. Possible to disable power connector warning?

    It's kind of an awkward situation. A cold solder point is certainly a no joy! It will look like everything is all set but still not have any electrical continuity to allow currrent flow. The soldering then acts more like an insulator then a conductor! *Sad

    As for the laptop my friend had referred to it was after the connector was damaged likely by the nephew's possible rough handling that it started having charging problems. The description of the plug simply slopping around in the connector tells me the cord was simply yanked hard and the plug came out almost sideways to warp the inside a bit.

    A contact inside was likely bent too far as a result only barely making any contact when holding the plug a certain way. The contacts in these things are not too durable and careful handling is the word of advice for anyone. When going to look at one here I have to keep stepping over the ac cord for the charging adapter not wanting to be clumsy enough to have a bad accident and watch a laptop hit a hard wood floor!
    Night Hawk, Jan 25, 2016
  9. dans2 Win User
    Hi, unfortunately for you I am 2 years late to come with a solution, but maybe it'll help someone else. Apparently it is very easy to remove this pop-up message. You have to go into the following directiry: Program Files (x86)/ASUS/ATK Package/ATK Hotkey and simply delete the file called ATKMsgCtrl
    dans2, Apr 5, 2018

Possible to disable power connector warning?

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