Windows 10: Power Settings keep resetting

Discus and support Power Settings keep resetting in Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance to solve the problem; I made this PC a while ago and it keeps having this annoying problem. Whenever i put the PC to sleep or restart it the power settings keep resetting... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance' started by BlastedOff, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Power Settings keep resetting

    I made this PC a while ago and it keeps having this annoying problem.

    Whenever i put the PC to sleep or restart it the power settings keep resetting to the AMD Balanced Plan, and even if i change, swap or do anything with that plan it will always revert to its defaults, after 1H the monitor shuts off and after 2h the PC goes to sleep, but i dont like my monitor always on and every time i have to reset it back 5mins manually.

    Any way to lock the power settings or change that power plan permanently ?

    BlastedOff, Jun 12, 2020


    Hi Gerald,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community, we appreciate your interest in Windows 10.

    I understand the inconvenience that you are facing on Windows 10, we will help you with this issue.

    Let us know few thing to analyze the issue.

    • What is the make and model of the pc?

    • Are you able to wake the computer back from sleep?
    This issue might occur due to some corruption in the power settings.

    I suggest you to follow the methods below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Let’s run Power troubleshooter.

    The power troubleshooter can automatically detect and fix any incorrect power settings. Refer to these steps to run this troubleshooter:

    • Select settings in the drop down menu below search and type

    • Click on Troubleshooting and select the view all option on the left pane.

    • Click on Power troubleshooter and follow the prompts.
    If issue persist, I suggest you to try method 2.

    Method 2: Create new Power Plan.

    Please refer to “Can I create a power plan?” section of the link below:

    Power plans: frequently asked questions

    Note: Steps for Windows 8 or 8.1 applies to
    Windows 10.

    Hope the information helps. Let us know if you need further assistance. We will be happy to help.

    Thank you.
    JuzarAli1709, Jun 12, 2020
  3. Ryan Mon1 Win User
    Can't Change Power Settings

    Thank you for the quick response. We will now move to the second phase of troubleshooting. We suggest that you follow the steps provided below:

    Method 1: Run the Power Troubleshooter.

    Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter to check and fix issues with your system's power settings. Here's how:

    • In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click
    • Click on the view all option on the left panel.
    • Run the Power troubleshooter.

    Method 2: Customize Power options.

    If issue persists, the the following steps and check.

    • In the search box, type Power options, and then click.
    • Click on choose when to turn off display from the left pane.
    • Click on Restore default settings for this plan.
    • Click on Change advance power settings.
    • Scroll down and expand Power buttons and lid.
    • Expand Power button actions.
    • Click on the Setting and set it to Shut down.

    Update us with the outcome so we can provide further assistance.
    Ryan Mon1, Jun 12, 2020
  4. Swapna S Win User

    Power Settings keep resetting

    Reset Power settings

    Hi Steph,

    I will certainly help you with the issue you are experiencing with the power settings on Windows 10.

    This issue might occur, if the power settings are corrupt.

    Please follow below mentioned steps to fix the issue:

    Step 1: Reset and restore the power plans to default

    1. Click “Windows Key + X,
    and then click on command prompt.

    2. In the command prompt, type powercfg –restoredefaultschemes
    and hit Enter.

    3. Exit command prompt.

    Note: This would reset the power plan settings to default. Any previously customized power plans would be removed.

    I also recommend you to check the battery with other PC and see if it is working. If it does, then this may be issue with the battery.

    Please get back to us, if you still facing issue
    with the power settings on Windows 10.

    Thank you.
    Swapna S, Jun 12, 2020

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