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Discus and support Powershell Script - Reinstalling Application in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hoping someone can assist, I'm trying to create a powershell script that uninstalls and then reinstalls an application, the new installer is using an... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Phil96, May 28, 2021.

  1. Phil96 Win User

    Powershell Script - Reinstalling Application

    Hoping someone can assist, I'm trying to create a powershell script that uninstalls and then reinstalls an application, the new installer is using an executable file (.exe). I've been able to get the commands to run when opening Powershell as Admin and copying the code in there but when I'm creating a PS1 File with the expectation of being able to use it across multiple machines it fails, this looks to be down to it not being ran with administrative privileges and when it is ran with Admin privileges it seems to close without running. Current Code: Code: $title = 'application name' $question = 'Do you require reinstallation of application?' $choices = '&Yes', '&No' $decision = $Host.UI.PromptForChoice($title, $question, $choices, 1) if ($decision -eq 0) { Write-Host 'confirmed' } else { Write-Host 'cancelled' } if ($decision -eq 0){ $Main = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product | Where-Object{$_.Name -eq "Name of current application installed"} $Main.Uninstall() Start-Process -FilePath "new exe file path" -ArgumentList "/s /v/qn" } I have tried creating a shortcut to the ".ps1" file, the initial stumble block was not being able to select 'Run as administrator' within advanced properties, to surpass this I added in target prior to path "powershell.exe" which then allowed this option to be selected, once selected I proceed to open the shortcut which opens powershell but then immediately closing it without running the code. I have also tried creating a batch file to open powershell initially and then open powershell with administrative permissions by using the below but this results similarly to the above whereby it closes the new powershell window without running the code. Code: powershell -Noprofile -Command "& {Start-process Powershell -Argumentlist '-NoProfile -File ""Path to .PS1 file""' -verb RunAs}"; Hoping someone may be able to advise where I'm going wrong.

    Phil96, May 28, 2021

  2. PowerShell scripts not working with Call operator


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    I understand that you are facing issues while developing a PowerShell script using the Call operator. I would suggest you to refer the articles

    The Windows PowerShell ISE

    However, as the issue is related to developing PowerShell scripts, I would suggest you to post your query on

    MSDN forums
    , where we have expertise and developers who are well equipped with the knowledge of developing PowerShell scripts in Windows.


    Prakhar Khare

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    Prakhar_Khare, May 28, 2021
  3. Windows App Store Not Opening

    I have the exact same issue and have tried all the suggested steps in regards to reinstalling via powershell script and deleting Appdata cache folder. No method has worked.
    xlxcrossing, May 28, 2021
  4. Powershell Script - Reinstalling Application

    Powershell script

    Hi Muhammed DanishM S,

    Thank you for posting your question in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    I would like to let you know that the Windows PowerShell command-line and scripting language can be used to automate many Group Policy tasks, including configuring registry-based policy settings and various Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) tasks.

    Refer to this article to know more.

    Group Policy Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

    For more information, I would suggest you to post your query in
    MSDN Forums
    , where we have developers and support professionals who are well-equipped with the knowledge on PowerShell
    scripts to assist you with your query.


    Srimadhwa B

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    Srimadhwa_B, May 28, 2021

Powershell Script - Reinstalling Application

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