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Discus and support Preferences in Chinese IME in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; When using the Chinese IME, (simplified, pinyin input), there's a pop up bar that displays a list of words that it thinks you're trying to type, with... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Saylem, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Saylem Win User

    Preferences in Chinese IME

    When using the Chinese IME, (simplified, pinyin input), there's a pop up bar that displays a list of words that it thinks you're trying to type, with an associated number to press to choose said word. The problem I'm having is that this feature tries to intuit what you're trying to say based on past entries, which when you're switching between using 他 (ta) - 她 (ta) - 它 (ta) frequently and have to keep pausing to check where it's been moved to is quite frustrating. There are several other cases where these shifts are quite abundant and equally annoying. My question is, is there a way to disable the suggestions from being moved around? Preferences in Chinese IME e3412a48-1f50-4b8d-a04e-a92084e198a7?upload=true.jpg

    Saylem, Oct 17, 2018

  2. chinese ime problem


    Chinese IME (Input Method Editor) is a tool allows you to write Chinese on your computer without installing any software. This issue occurs if the there's something needs to be configured. To isolate your concern, answer the following questions

    • Were there any changes, recent updates, and newly installed applications on your device that may have affected your computer's performance?
    • Which version and build of Windows device are you using? To verify your Windows, press
      Windows + R to open the Run window. Type WINVER
      and press Enter. A new window will open showing the version and build number of your Windows device.
    • To avoid repetition, can you provide us with all the troubleshooting steps that you've done so far?

    We look forward to your response.
    Marvelos Reg, Oct 17, 2018
  3. IME Simplified Chinese

    I had Windows 7 and I updated online to Windows 10. I write and use Mandarin Simplified Chinese. Before
    Microsoft had an excellent Input Method Editor ( IME) for Chinese but most disappointingly the IME in Windows 10 is incomplete. So now there is no Radical Dictionary function where you can search for the Radical and then find all the characters
    that use that Radical by the number of strokes. Secondly it had an IME pad where you could draw the character with the mouse and it would suggest possible matches for you.

    So I ‘ve been waiting in the hope that a fix would come to at least upgrade the IME to what it had been but so far nothing. Please can you tell me if Microsoft intend to restore the IME and when it might happen?
    KeithRobinsonZL., Oct 17, 2018
  4. 한곤김 Win User

    Preferences in Chinese IME

    Some problems in IME for Chinese and Korean

    Microsoft IME for Chinese and Korean has some problem.

    1. Touchscreen interface.

    I use ChangJIe IME in touchscreen. ChangJie IME input is based on Chinese calligraphy and is not phonetic based. In most time, we can easily get only one candidate character. (For example, 倉=人戈日口, no other candidates). So, most time we don't need to select
    character from candidate list. In real keyboard, we press "Space" instead of press number to select character. But somehow, touchscreen keyboard "DOESN'T" allow me to use space key to select character so I need to touch character in the list (even there only
    one) and is very inconvenient. In Android or iOS uses "Space" to hit and select candidate key. If you understand some Chinese, try to see HK Microsoft community and many Hong Kong people complain this problem but seems they just say "We will improve"?

    2. Also touchscreen keyboard, why keystroke appears in the input box? Example, assume we input 倉= 人戈日口(OIAR) so we need press 人戈日口(OIAR) but this will appear in the input box not above touchscreen IME so I need to move my eyes from top to bottom(Example
    we use edge to try search something on the web so we need to type Chinese in the address bar) to see if there is any typo. In Android or iOS system keystrokes will appear at the top of the IME. This should be improved.

    3. Why Chinese and Korean IME include English keyboard??

    I understand most Korean and Chinese people can only speak one or two languages and their display language is also in either Korean or Chinese so therefore they don't need to frequently switch IME and they usually use "Shift" and "Left Alt" to switch English
    input instead of use "Windows + Space" to switch different IME. But why don't you make an option allows Chinese and Korean IME doesn't allow to input English? It is VERY INCONVENIENT when I switch to different language and start to type, it shows English instead
    of Korean or Chinese. in Mac OS, you know they use "Command + Shift" and each IME only has one language and doesn't have problem I just explained. I added "English" in language list to use English as displayed language so English IME also appears in the IME
    list. This makes me to feel I have "Three" English keyboard plus Korean and Chinese keyboard. I'm so sad when I switch to different language and use "Backspace" to remove wrong characters and use "Shift" or "Left Alt" to change language again but I already
    changed to different IME.

    4. Character set for Changjie IME.

    I was studying in Macau so I don't understand simplified characters at all but why those ugly simplified characters appear on the list of candidate keys? I found Microsoft Pingyin only shows Simplified Chinese characters so Changjie IME can eliminates simplified
    Chinese characters. Pleased don't include all characters in Unicode Set of Changjie input but try to eliminate simplified characters in the database or make option to remove simplified characters which are useless for me.
    한곤김, Oct 17, 2018

Preferences in Chinese IME

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