Windows 10: 'print to pdf' location

Discus and support 'print to pdf' location in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; that was easy.....thanks! good evening! Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ydaltak, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. ydaltak Win User

    'print to pdf' location

    that was easy.....thanks! good evening!
    ydaltak, Apr 4, 2018
  2. ydaltak Win User

    if i choose to save a web page by clicking on 'print' and then choose 'microsoft print to pdf', where is the file saved? can i change the target folder? (windows 10)

    ydaltak, Apr 10, 2018
  3. Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10 file location window not popping up

    I had a similar problem with Windows 10 Pro 1511. However when I used Print to PDF it did ask me for location, it appeared to print, but there was no printed pdf document in my documents folder (including one drive documents folder). Other printing worked
    normally asking me for location and printing.

    I restarted the print spooler service and print to pdf then worked as expected asking me for a location and file name and outputting the desired pdf file.
    dgholzhausen, Apr 10, 2018
  4. DaveM121 Win User

    'print to pdf' location


    Hi Bill,

    Click File - Print

    Choose Microsoft Print to PDF as the Printer

    Then print the document as normal, you will be asked for a file location

    The PDF will be created in that location

    That's It!
    DaveM121, Apr 10, 2018
  5. Bree New Member
    Yes. You get a normal Explorer 'Save as' window and can choose the location and name of the pdf file to save to. Next time you print to pdf the 'Save as' window will open at the location you last saved to. Each app you print from remembers its own 'last saved' location, so you can set different default locations for each app you use.

'print to pdf' location

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