Windows 10: Printer Brother HL1110

Discus and support Printer Brother HL1110 in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; unable this Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by DavidDawson6, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Printer Brother HL1110

    unable this

    DavidDawson6, Jan 7, 2020
  2. topgundcp Win User

    Can't Access networked Brother Laser printer- To print or use Web I/f

    Not all Printer drivers are included in the installation media. Even mine (Brother HL-4040CN), you would need to manually add it to the list:

    1. Control Panel->Devices and Printers->Add a Printer
    2. Follow the steps to set up a network printer. At one point, Windows will search for available printer, click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
    3. Click on "Windows Updates". Windows will start downloading a complete list of Printers.
    4. Select your printer name & model then install.

    EDIT: Just tried to install as a USB printer for MFC-7820N since I don't have this printer to set up as a network printer. The result as shown in the list after clicking on "Windows Update":

    Printer Brother HL1110 [​IMG]
    topgundcp, Jan 7, 2020
  3. jacobacci Win User
    Brother MFC J6720DW listed with strange icon in Devices and Printers

    I have reinstalled the drivers for my Brother MFC J6720DW and now the printer icon is listed in the unspecified category instead of the printer category. The printer is the "Device" icon to the right.

    Printer Brother HL1110 [​IMG]

    Right clicking on the icon shows the usual items for a printer (printing properties etc.), In addition it shows a "Browse Files" entry that lists the card reader of the printer.

    Printer Brother HL1110 [​IMG]

    To the left of the Brother printer icon there is another similar one that seems to be my USB card reader

    Printer Brother HL1110 [​IMG]
    jacobacci, Jan 7, 2020
  4. weamish Win User

    Printer Brother HL1110

    Brother printers - wireless connection

    Yep, over the years I've contacted Brother by phone and online chat and email. They have a list of stock responses, none of which have solved the problem. Their printers work great when they're actually working. But the wireless issues are maddening. With other printer brands, my experience has been different - when the internet connection is restored, the printers automatically reconnect to the wifi SSID and work properly again, immediately. But for some reason this does not happen with Brother, even when their printers have reconnected.
    weamish, Jan 7, 2020

Printer Brother HL1110

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