Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update

Discus and support Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; As part of my automatic updates settings, I just got updated with the Windows 10 April 2018 update. With all the new "features" I worry about the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Curious, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Curious Win User

    Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update

    As part of my automatic updates settings, I just got updated with the Windows 10 April 2018 update. With all the new "features" I worry about the privacy issues these features must create. Can someone more knowledgeable than me tell me what additional privacy risks these new features are creatng and - more importantly - how do I prevent whatever new data they leak to Microsoft?

    Also is the update known to change any of the settings present before the update?

    Thank you.

    Curious, Jul 3, 2018
  2. biffzinker Win User

    Microsoft blocks Windows 10 April Update for Intel SSD 600p Series

    Microsoft is blocking some Intel SSDs from installing the April 2018 Update after discovering an incompatibility issue that causes performance and stability issues. In short, the problem was explained by Microsoft as: “When attempting to upgrade to Window 10 April 2018 Update select devices with certain Intel SSDs may enter a UEFI screen reboot or crash repeatedly.” Microsoft says that this issue has no workaround and that those that have attempted to update Windows 10 to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update should revert back to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709.

    Unfortunately, the announcement by Microsoft fails to list what specific Intel SSD models are having issues with the OS update. We contacted Intel and discovered that the Intel SSD 600p Series of client drives that was first introduced to the market in 2016 is the most popular drive that is having issues.

    Source: Legit Reviews
    biffzinker, Jul 3, 2018
  3. newtekie1 Win User
    Windows 10 April 2018 Update(SCU) Partially Breaks MKV File Support?

    I updated to main computer to the April 2018 Update, AKA Spring Creators Update, and it seems like they've taken a step backward with MKV file support. When I go into the properties of an MKV file on the Fall Creators Update, if I go to the details tab it gives me a bunch of detail about he media file, like resolution, framerate, audio information and bitrate. However, if I go into the same file's properties on the April 2018 Update, almost all of the information is blank, it only gives me a runtime and bitrate.

    I really just want to confirm that this isn't just my computer and other's are experiencing the same thing.


    Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update fcu-png.png

    April 2018 Update:

    Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update scu-png.png
    newtekie1, Jul 3, 2018
  4. P4-630 Win User

    Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update

    Windows 10 Creators Update to Feature New Levels of Privacy Control

    Just a tiny step closer before I'll upgrade to windows 10....
    P4-630, Jul 3, 2018

Privacy issues with Windows 10 April 2018 update

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