Windows 10: Problem with file extensions

Discus and support Problem with file extensions in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Hi , A virus changed all of my file extensions in my windows ( internal hard , external hard , flash drives ) and add the extension( .etqfc ) to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by rouhollah haji seyed, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Problem with file extensions

    Hi ,

    A virus changed all of my file extensions in my windows ( internal hard , external hard , flash drives ) and add the extension( .etqfc ) to all files in my computer how can I delete these extensions with one command in command prompt or powershell ?

    rouhollah haji seyed, Dec 7, 2018
  2. GTX
    GTX Win User

    BIN extension file problem

    ok thanks everybody for help and for trying to help *Smile Problem with file extensions :)
    i solved the problem... it was a simple deamon tools file just its not in the extension file
    sorry for opening a thread for this ...
  3. File extension *.docx

    Hi Randy,

    To change the file extension when saving a document in Word 2013, you may follow the steps below:

    • Click on File; then, select Options from the list.
    • In the Word Options window, choose Save.
    • Under Save files in this format, select *.doc from the list.
    • Hit OK button to confirm and save the changes.

    If ever your Word 2013 application is not recognizing the changes you have made, you may restart the application; however, if the issue still persists, we suggest that you repair it. To do this, see this

    We would appreciate it if you could get back to us and provide us your feedback.
    Michael Gall, Dec 7, 2018
  4. Arun B J Win User

    Problem with file extensions

    Extensions unresponsive


    I realized your concern and will assist you to resolve the issue.

    I suggest you to follow the steps below and check if it helps.

    • Settings > System > Apps & Features > Uninstall the problem Edge Extension(s)

    • Go to Store > manually search the store for the extension, then install it again.
    After it's installed, click the 'Launch' button and it will take you to Edge where you can set it up.

    Your reply is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the above information in order to assist you accordingly.

    Thanks and regards.
    Arun B J, Dec 7, 2018

Problem with file extensions

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