Windows 10: Problems after problems after problems after problems

Discus and support Problems after problems after problems after problems in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Every other time I reset my router and after my router resets, my computers reconnect automatically, now all of a sudden I reset my router and I have 6... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Christoph Yorkshire, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Problems after problems after problems after problems

    Every other time I reset my router and after my router resets, my computers reconnect automatically, now all of a sudden I reset my router and I have 6 computers all with a WWW icon with a line through it and I have to disable and reenable the adapter to get internet back. Why?

    My folder views never stick and my only folder views is what windows wants, not what I want.

    Does this say cortana is disable? yes or no?

    Problems after problems after problems after problems 9f875399-d949-40a6-8476-f5b75e88d2f4?upload=true.png

    And why on earth is cortana using that much CPU? Why?

    This is what windows has been reduced to, a retarded amount of background processes that is just pure uselessness that consumes all resources for no reason. I can not even turn on my laptop any more. I turn on my laptop and I have to wait 20 minutes for god knows whatever MS is doing. My laptop, I turn on, go to desktop, click task manager which takes almost 5 minutes to appear and when it does, disk is at 100% for 20 minutes, CPU is at 100% for 20 minutes and if I sort by CPU I truly count 54 useless windows services that we do not need at all what so ever for the functionality of a OS are running, nonstop for 20 minutes solid. How is this the fastest windows yet? How?

    20 bucks says no one can answer these questions and I will be told to reinstall, has if that helps or is even feasible.

    This entire operating system is a laughable joke. A huge joke from an embarrassment company that does not deserve anything it has. 100,000 employees and 40 years running with a trillion dollar budget and what do we get? Something I make everyday when I sit on the bowl.

    Christoph Yorkshire, Sep 1, 2019
  2. Scavar Win User

    8800GTS problems.

    Seems pretty strange to me. I have a standard 8800GTS, the only problem I get is the BSOD nv4_disp.dll thing, which in my case I think is linked to heat on other parts of the video card.

    I would suggest completely removing the drivers using Driver Cleaner, and install the ones that came with the card first. If the problem continues, remove again, try the newest drivers. If it still happens, underclock the card and try the same steps. In the end, talk to EVGA and see what they tell you.
    Scavar, Sep 1, 2019
  3. ronss Win User
    Booting problem...

    okay...will try suggestions......odd problem
    ronss, Sep 1, 2019
  4. Problems after problems after problems after problems

    Problem at boot up

    Can you start with some logical step by step process, to pinpoint the exact problem, not by want and do not want.

    If removing the OC solves the problem, the problem is there. Aging of every component, bad contact etc may play a role in there why the motherboard POST procedure hooks a stick in the wheels. Happened dozens of times.
    Ferrum Master, Sep 1, 2019

Problems after problems after problems after problems

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