Windows 10: Problems downloading with Edge

Discus and support Problems downloading with Edge in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Whenever I try to download anything with Edge it says "couldn't be downloaded". Every single time. For example: [img] When I click on... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by lx07, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. lx07 Win User

    Problems downloading with Edge

    Whenever I try to download anything with Edge it says "couldn't be downloaded". Every single time.

    For example:

    Problems downloading with Edge [​IMG]

    When I click on "Retry" it is always downloaded but replaces the "." before the file type with a "_".

    This is what ends up in my "Downloads" folder.

    Problems downloading with Edge [​IMG]

    So if I want to download anything I have to click on "Retry" and then go to my "Downloads" folder and rename "xxxx_zip" to "".

    Is there a way around this? It is the "retry" that bugs me most - I understand the renaming so you don't run it by mistake - but both are a little annoying.


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  4. Problems downloading with Edge

    The Fast and Simple answer is "Don't even bother!" as the best advice anyone can give you for Edge at the present time! Edge is still far from being a working replacement for IE! The Fast and Easy solution is to browse the Program Files\Internet Explorer folder and right click to pin to Start and even the main task bar on the iexplorer.exe file itself and once you start up IE 11 see that set as the default browser. From there you should be able to download just about anything.

    Edge itself is still in it's infancy and when trying to work with it here I actually had to stretch the bookmarks out across the second monitor in order to simply click and drag bookmarks to reorganize them somewhat since you couldn't simply drag one up as the first in the order! No delete option found either! It's not ready but presently only a preview form of a browser!
    Night Hawk, Sep 27, 2015
  5. lx07 Win User
    Thanks for that. I do in fact sometimes give up and use IE but I'd like to use Edge when possible.

    I was just wondering if there is a setting I've missed or it just works like this at the moment.
  6. It shouldn't work like that... It doesn't on my system.

    Problems downloading with Edge [​IMG]
    fracking4oil, Sep 27, 2015
  7. lx07 Win User
    Well I thought it was odd. I'm using this version (from bottom of settings). You have the same?

    Problems downloading with Edge [​IMG]

    I haven't changed anything relevant that I can think of... I've also clean installed recently but it works the same - I have to "retry" to start the download and then rename the downloaded file in "D:\Users\Hali\Downloads" to swap the underscore for a dot.
  8. Problems downloading with Edge

    The download option will remain glued to the user account downloads folder by MS design there. Once Edge is finished you then should be able to change settings as far as the automatic save or use the save as option to browse just where you want the download to go the same as you would presently see with IE 11. For other browsers like Firefox, the 64bit Waterfox alternate used here, Opera, Chrome each having their own save to or prompt to save where type options.

    If you are running the 64bit flavor of 10 but still want the 32bit IE 11 then instead of going into the Program Files folder you would alternate to the Program Files(x86) folder instead to go into the Internet Explorer folder and right click on the 32bit iexplorer.exe executable file there to see that pinned instead. Or you can simply opt for any other browser to substitute for IE even while you will likely need to use that for initially downloading any alternate.
    Night Hawk, Sep 27, 2015
  9. lx07 Win User
    That wasn't the question - I know we can't change the download location yet..

    The question was if others have to click on "retry" and then rename the downloaded item.
  10. Yes, I have the same version of Edge... I've never even seen the retry button and my download folder has been changed to my hard drive (E:/) as well. You could try an in-place upgrade to see if it repairs this issue.
    fracking4oil, Sep 27, 2015
  11. lx07 Win User
    Oh well, thanks for that. It isn't a big deal really but clearly the rename is deliberate. I happens for everything I download - not just that site - I get "xxx_exe", "xxx_zip", "xxx_diagcab".

    I wonder why.
  12. Well I stated earlier......

    Take a look at Edge. Do some web surfing with it. But don't expect much of anything else out of it for the present time. It's simply not ready to be a full time replacement for any browser including IE at this time. But do you expect with a freebie you didn't have to pay for until the end of next July when I suspect the finished version of Edge will be presented with the paid for 10!

    Presently Edge along with 10 is being provided as a means of getting a general feeling of how 10 will be received as well as the feedback indicating where people seem to end up having problems as well as the likes and dislikes about the new version. After 8 and 8.1 went astray from the huge success 7 saw MS needs to see 10 make into another winner to continue on from where 7 left off!
    Night Hawk, Sep 27, 2015
  13. BunnyJ New Member

    Problems downloading with Edge

    But that doesn't answer the question in the OP. Saying don't use it is of no help really.
    BunnyJ, Sep 27, 2015
  14. lx07 Win User
    That is it. It works for @fracking4oil (no re-naming of downloads, no need to "retry", same version of Edge) but not for me.

    I'm not asking "what is the best browser" - just what is happening here (and if it is only me)...
  15. BunnyJ New Member
    I tried to recreate the error but I didn't have a bit of luck. If I can I'll post some suggestion.. I hope someone can help you out with an answer to your issue. One thing to consider is doing a clean install of your current build.. yes.. that's a PITA.. but heck.. it might fix the issue..
    BunnyJ, Sep 27, 2015

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