Windows 10: Problems with BSOD, driver verifier, minidmp

Discus and support Problems with BSOD, driver verifier, minidmp in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hello anyone reading this, So I've been having constant bsods, and I think I'm finally getting closer to the answer but i still am kinda lost. TO... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Duy_031, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Duy_031 Win User

    Problems with BSOD, driver verifier, minidmp

    Hello anyone reading this,

    So I've been having constant bsods, and I think I'm finally getting closer to the answer but i still am kinda lost.

    TO better understand I think I should start with how I blue screen.

    So I usually turn on my pc and play a few games, browse the internet, etc. Eventually, it randomly blue screens and then shows an error message. I've had plenty of error messages from driver_verifier_detected_violation, [COLOR=rgba32, 33, 36, 1]DPC_Watchdog_Violation, and others.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgba32, 33, 36, 1]Eventually, I start reading on Microsoft community posts and decide to run a driver verifier. I ran the verifier and as soon as I restarted, I blue screened and [/COLOR]driver_verifier_detected_violation is the error message. I have attached the minidmp file below.

    [COLOR=rgba32, 33, 36, 1][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgba32, 33, 36, 1]now I'm kinda lost and don't know what to do. With this information, I hope someone out there can help me with my problems![/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgba32, 33, 36, 1]feel free to message me if you have questions.[/COLOR]

    Duy_031, Jan 26, 2021
  2. Nikhar_K Win User

    BSOD hidclass with driver verifier

    Hi Doc_Samson,

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    I understand that you receive Blue Screen error with hidclass.sys. In order to get to the root cause of the issue, we will need the Dump files, so that we can analyze them and assist you accordingly. I have sent a private message to you, please share
    the Dump files over the private message.

    To access Private Message click on your Profile on the top right corner, then click on the ellipses, and select
    View Private Messages.

    However, the hidclass.sys is a driver file for Human Interface Devices, which are basically, keyboard/mouse or gaming controllers. I would suggest you to disconnect all the external devices and see if that helps.

    I would suggest you to refer the steps mentioned below and see if that helps:

    Method 1: Update drivers

    I suggest you to update the drivers on the computer, to make sure that all the drivers are up to date including Keyboard, Mouse, USB and HID Drivers. In addition, you may also update the chipset drivers from the computer manufacturer’s websites. Kindly
    refer the article
    Update drivers in Windows 10

    Method 2: Check hard disk for errors

    I would suggest you to run chkdsk utility to check any errors in the hard drive. Refer the steps mentioned below:

    1. Type command prompt in the search bar on the
    2. Right click on the command prompt icon and select
      Run as administrator.
    3. Now, paste the following command and hit Enter: chkdsk/f C:
    4. Select Yes and restart the computer.

    Note: While performing chkdsk on the hard drive if any bad sectors are found on the hard drive when chkdsk tries to repair that sector if any data available on that might be lost

    Method 3: Windows Memory Diagnostic

    You can also run Memory Diagnostic on the computer to check for any memory corruption errors. Follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Press Windows key + R, to open
      dialog box.
    2. Type mdsched and click on
    3. Click on Restart now and check for problems.

    You may want to refer the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article

    Troubleshoot blue screen errors

    You can also refer the suggestions provided by auggy replied on May 15, 2018 in the thread

    BSOD Hidclass.sys

    Let us know how it goes.


    Nikhar Khare

    Microsoft Community - Moderator
    Nikhar_K, Jan 26, 2021
  3. Peaj Win User


    So the PC went down the same road, became unusable and I wiped it.

    Clean install number 6. Clean install 5 was to test if Windows 7 was as unstable as the Windows 10 installs. It was - this made me think it may be a hardware problem or just a really poorly supported motherboard.

    Clean install 6 - this time I am being methodical in my steps and testing every step of the way. PC specs are still the same other than a new stick of DDR4. What I have done so far:

    • Bought/installed a new stick of DDR4 for testing.
    • Followed Gerrys advice and installed latest BIOS, even though it is in beta it is listed as a stable release.
    • Installed Windows 10
    • Installed Chipset Drivers from Gigabyte website.
    • Installed latest Ethernet drivers (20_7) from Intel website.
    • I have made sure to not connect the PC to the internet and have left the ethernet cable unplugged.
    • Ran Verifier, rebooted with no problems, not that I was expecting there to be any.
    • Installed latest drivers from Nvidia
    • booted into safe mode, reset Verifier, rebooted.

    So this is where I am at. A completely clean install, and what seems to be problems with Nvidia drivers.

    Minidump link if someone could have a look. Minidump is 021216-2203-01!15823

    So I am not sure what this means. PC seems stable at the moment though there is hardly anything installed on it.

    Does Verifier reporting a problem mean that there is one? What should I do from here?
  4. Problems with BSOD, driver verifier, minidmp



    I have an Asus ROG GL553VE , after the last windows 10 update 1803 I started to get the computer completely frozen seconds after loading to the actual gameplay of the games sometimes with a static noise and/or image starting to get white or parts of the
    screen going static. Here it is what i tried so far :

    • Rollback NVIDIA graphic drivers - Didn't work
    • Rollback Windows 10 to 1703 - Didn't Work

    What I have seen in some cases is that online games I get the screen frozen and the only to get out of it is to hard shut down on the power button of the laptop, in offline games I got the following BSOD:

    • page_fault_in_nonpaged_area
    • system_thread_exception_not_handled

    After some searches on the Web I decided to try the built in Driver verifier of Windows 10 , the BSOD that I get is the following :


    Can you please advise on what to do in this situation ? are these issues related or should I run Memtest?

    kinglostsouls, Jan 26, 2021

Problems with BSOD, driver verifier, minidmp

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