Windows 10: Problems with child account

Discus and support Problems with child account in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; I've sign my brother as a child account but it seems like there's no updates at all. To be more specific, I the newest acitivities I can see was from... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by TràMy, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. TràMy Win User

    Problems with child account

    I've sign my brother as a child account but it seems like there's no updates at all. To be more specific, I the newest acitivities I can see was from SIX days ago.

    What's the problem and how to solve it???

    TràMy, Mar 23, 2019

  2. Child account

    I did set up a Child account, I did fallow all the steps window ask, the account say that the child is in the family, when I tried to log, give me the message "The Profile Service service Failed The Sign-in. User Profile cannot be loaded".

    Answering your questions:

    • Did you make any changes to the child account prior to the issue? No, I did not make any changes.
    • Since when you are facing this issue? Right from the start. I never got to login.
    • Are you able to login with other child accounts on the computer? No
    I suggest you to restart the computer once and check if you are able to login to the computer. I did, the same problem, I do not have any problem with my account or my wife.

    Thank you for your help.

    David EDongo Sr, Mar 23, 2019
  3. Jan123 Win User
    Child Account Get Greyed Out

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I did the following instead.

    I have another laptop, 2 weeks old, with Windows 10 Home on it.

    On that one, I tried the same steps with the child account, and got the exact same results.
    Jan123, Mar 23, 2019
  4. Problems with child account

    Windows 10 Child account problems

    Let me try to answer this by problem raised

    Password to hard to remember:

    You can opt to have a pin number as well. This is only 4 digits and is in the accounts settings of "Signing In".

    Watching over Child's account:

    You will need to have an email address for the child. Sounds weird but mine have multiple accounts already for when they grow up (Toddler, Child, and last is a family emergency contact where it never gets used or stored except close family). So kids having emails is not unheard of especially due to the email addresses now being like an SSN for the IoT.

    Once that's done you setup a Microsoft Account using that email (Or use theirs.. MS's.. if you like) as a child. This add account is in control panel for those not knowing and reading this as a "Help". Go through the steps and make sure when you set it up, watch what's going on and read. Dont just click through. You'll start to notice they are making it so if the child logs in under their name on this computer or any computer your settings you have picked are enforced no matter the system.

    Then for the fine tuning goto:

    Family Settings on the web.

    This will have all the needs you are looking for. It has setting screen times on certain days as well as certain times and also allowing or disallowing websites. So if you find a link to a certain YouTube you can allow it or through his account and email make it so Youtube also helps block by listing the account as a child.

    Later as the child grows and you share products like office with them they can use it since they are linked.

    Another nice feature is it can track them and useage as well as "Locate" them to see where they are if logged in. (While some claim "OMG MS IS SPYING"... for a parent this can be one heck of a piece of mind feature which also can be turned off. As with most "OMG SPYING" features).

    What this also allows is if you travel or they go to a family member/ Friend house. They can still login but it will immediately have the settings you want and you dont have to worry.....much.

    This was to answer how to do this in Win10. I use multiple systems and OSes and havent had the "Problems" that most have with Win10. Also to note my one 5 year old uses this and settings but also Linux (Very basic setting with MATE) since he likes the Tux mascot. So I know everything mentioned can be done like you would like since ive done them on his Win10 Rig.

    Hope this Helps.
    Majestic12, Mar 23, 2019

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