Windows 10: Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner

Discus and support Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Dear Forum, i am currently experiencing a security issue with my Program Files86 that is a bit bothersome. Recently i reinstalled two machines with... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by cbraafhart, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner

    Dear Forum,

    i am currently experiencing a security issue with my Program Files86 that is a bit bothersome. Recently i reinstalled two machines with the help of MDT and updating goes via WSUS. All our current machines are domain joined and we are in the process of migrating to Windows Server 2019. We are currently on Windows Server 2K8R2.

    I have had it with 1 user with an old configuration and 2 new freshly installed computer that from on day to the other my program files86 folder rights and permissions are not correct. The Current owner is the Hostname\Administrators, i think thats the group, Integrity level is set on High Mandatory level, and the 3 Permissions entries that i see are, System, Administrators and Users.

    I can not install 32 bit applications any more, i can't change the owner of the folder nor can i add new entries to the permissions list. I have tried to rebuild my ACL i have tried retaking ownership. but without any success.

    We are deploying group policies within our organization but i am unaware that and if a group policy has the ability to rewrite and revoke folders that are protected by microsoft's Windows Resource Protection WRP.

    Any ideas for what could be causing this?. A laptop effected by this problem was reinstalled last Friday, and by today the permissions have been revoked.

    Forgot to mention:

    OS: Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1909 OS Build 18363.720

    Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner 36416ede-f23d-49ab-bed4-d42feb077973?upload=true.png

    cbraafhart, Mar 25, 2020

  2. Evga Step up program? Wrong address

    *Roll Eyes Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner :rolleyes:hi i put my 8800GTS in for the Step up program and my address was wrong do i just email them or cancel it and start it again bacuase the postage price is to low
    Live OR Die, Mar 25, 2020
  3. Why did the startup window get cleared?

    I didn't missed any step, the list was gone and gone , even after using lot of programs the programs were not listed in that list.
    smartali89, Mar 25, 2020
  4. Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner

    Unknown User as Owner

    Hi Bree, thanks for stepping up to address this issue.
    As far as I know my External Drive has only been used on my PC.

    I could try to implement your suggestion and take Ownership of those Folders.
    The "Take Ownership" link is present in my right click menu, but I'm currently logged in with my Microsoft account, so perhaps it would be better if I went Properties --> Security --> Advanced & set the Owner to Administrators, no?!

    Although my mind is bugged with a new question now.
    If I change the Owner & later on I have to restore a backup (Acronis on a CD) won't I encounter problems then?
    witten1972, Mar 25, 2020

Program Filesx86 Wrong Owner

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