Windows 10: [Query]2nd internal HDD marked as 'system'-how to change?

Discus and support [Query]2nd internal HDD marked as 'system'-how to change? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Dear All, I have 2 internal HDDs connected to my system, say A and B. I am trying to make a full system image backup in Win 10. After selecting the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by onlytanmoy, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. [Query]2nd internal HDD marked as 'system'-how to change?

    Dear All,

    I have 2 internal HDDs connected to my system, say A and B.
    I am trying to make a full system image backup in Win 10. After selecting the backup location as external hard disc, and clicking "Next," I am asked to select the drives that I'd like to create a image backup of. My primary Windows drive (partition in HDD A) is selected by default and also the other HDD B (250 GB drive, no partition) is selected as well, i cannot uncheck it as it is being shown as system drive.
    After that I went to Disk Management and found that the HDD B is marked as System, Active, Primary partition...any way to change that now without any data less (obviously)?


    onlytanmoy, Sep 12, 2015
  2. denmarfl Win User

    Upgrading 2 PC's from Windows 7 32 Bit to Windows 10 32 Bit...issues

    This may be helpful to others to document issues I experienced.

    When both PC's going from Win7 to Win10 32bit...completed the Upgrade, the Desktop appeared......and the blue spinning circle just kept on spinning. I waited up to 40 mins....the 1st PC finally started to add all the Desktop and Taskbar Icons....and finally
    the Blue spinning circle went away.... During this time nothing responded.

    The 2nd PC, I waited 45 mins at least....and decided right or wrong I was going to perform a Shutdown using Power button on PC. If I hosed the PC, I had a Backup. It re-booted and this time the desktop and Taskbar fully populated.

    But problems continued. This PC was a desktop and had a 2nd Internal hard drive installed. This HDD had all my data saved...and when I went to open software that its data was on this 2nd Internal HDD...I got the message the Drive did not exists. I re-booted
    ....saw that BOIS was seeing both my C drive and the 2nd HDD......but when I got to Windows.....that 2nd Internal drive still was not displayed in "This PC". Now I was getting worried.....BOIS sees the drive, Windows doesn't? Went into Manage, Disk Management,
    no surprises the 2nd Internal drive was not shown....not even a drive that was unallocated....

    I re-booted, went into BOIS, the Drive setting on my Desktop require you to manually Turn On and Off Motherboard Drive Ports.....all were correct, the Port the 2nd Internal HDD was been plugged showed ON. I turned one Port that was Off...and
    should be off as nothing was plugged into it, ON...rebooted PC. BOIS flagged that there was no drive connected to the Port I just turned on.....which really was correct. However, proceeded to Start Win10. The 2nd HDD still was not being seen by Windows.
    Re-Booted; back into BOIS turned Unused Port back to Off. Proceeded to Windows......the 2nd Internal drive was finally displayed...but with a wrong drive letter. After using Disk management...and changing around Drive Letter...getting the 2nd HDD back to
    its prior letter...all...for now seems to be OK. Was it something I did in BOIS....or did the PC just need about 6 Re-boots before Windows finally saw the 2nd HDD......who knows.

    The only thing that could have caused this was the or why....I am thinking no one would have the answer.

    Seems the Upgrade from Win7 64bit to Win10 64bit, which I have done on 3 PC's goes much better than with the two 32bit PC's I have upgraded.

    Also, the 32bit did not maintain my personalized settings, ie Text size..etc.

    So I conclude this Upgrade goes much better upgrading a 64bit PC than a 32bit least in my experience.
    denmarfl, Sep 12, 2015
  3. SB510 Win User
    Make 2nd internal drive the primary storage location


    I plan on using a PC for recording music only.

    I have the OS on a small 250gb SSD.

    I have a 2nd larger 1TB internal HDD that is more suitable for storage.

    I want to put the music software on the SSD only, and use the bigger 2nd drive for storing files and stuff.

    How can I make Windows choose the 2nd HD as a default storage location, instead of the main system drive?

    I'm sure many do this all the time, but in my last install, all the default Windows locations: Music, Pictures, Document, Downloads etc, all ended up on the main system drive.

    Thanks for any help!

    SB510, Sep 12, 2015
  4. Dude Win User

    [Query]2nd internal HDD marked as 'system'-how to change?

  5. thanks a lot for that helpful pointer mate...i also got many similar threads on this issue from there with solutions...will try was my bad though should have kept the target drive connected only during OS installation..could have avoided all these complications...any ways lessons learnt.
    onlytanmoy, Sep 12, 2015
  6. Dude Win User
    I have seen having other hard drives cause that issue. I am one of the lucky ones, I have installed with other drives hooked up with now issue. Gotta love windows. Good luck and let us know how it works for you.
    Dude, Apr 5, 2018

[Query]2nd internal HDD marked as 'system'-how to change?

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