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Discus and support Question about Shift & Windows key behavior in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, I'm having a problem with Shift & Windows key. Whenever I press them both, a Windows Start menu appears, which wouldn't matter, but I use an... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Dave290, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Dave290 Win User

    Question about Shift & Windows key behavior


    I'm having a problem with Shift & Windows key.

    Whenever I press them both, a Windows Start menu appears, which wouldn't matter, but I use an AHK-based program, where a lot of my key combinations are pretty saturated, to assigned macros.

    Where for example a macro assigned to 'Shift + Win + Q', opens up the Start menu whenever I press it, and badly messes up the macro command, always requiring me to do weird workarounds and things of such nature, in order to for example 'click off' the Start menu first, before getting to the actual command, slowing it down considerably, as a result

    When I made a thread about it, on the program's respective forum, a moderator/staff replied to me, that he experiences no such issue, as in 'Shift + Win', not opening the Start Menu in his case... so this leads me to wonder about, whether I'm the only one experiencing such behavior, or are other users experiencing it also?

    My Windows version:
    Windows 10 Windows 8, 64-bit, Release 1903, Build 18362.778

    Kind regards,

    Dave290, Jun 29, 2020
  2. LTUGamer Win User

    Both shift keys

    I have problem with Lenovo Idea Pad 100 laptop (OS: WIN10). After replacing HDD into SSD I faced a strange problem. Both Shifts of the keyboard doesn‘t work .
    I have tried to:
    • Check if sticky keys are off. They are off.
    • Connect external keyboard via USB port. Shift keys on external keyboard works good.
    • Check the keyboard on online tester which indicates pressed buttons. It can‘t indicate press of the shift
    • Change several different input languages. The problem is on all of them.
    • Reinstall keyboard driver
    • Check if connection is OK. It is OK.
    • Tried to run computer without screws (I have read in one forum that screws could touch the keyboard from the bottom and it wouldn‘t operate normal)
    I believe that keyboard is not damaged because connector damage could cause just exact part of keyboard failure, while it is impossible to do physical damage for both shifts. Any solutions?
    LTUGamer, Jun 29, 2020
  3. P4-630 Win User
    Intel Speed Shift Technology Skylake

    You just need a Skylake CPU and ThrottleStop, once turned on speed shift you can exit the software as unclewebb said above.
    P4-630, Jun 29, 2020
  4. MiSt77 Win User

    Question about Shift & Windows key behavior

    Press Shift Key to turn off Caps Lock

    Actually, I get asked this quite a lot

    There is, however, a very good reason to prefer this (old) „Typewriter Caps lock“-behavior over the new default, and it's simply this: if „Press the SHIFT key“ (instead of „Press the CAPS LOCK key“) is selected, then the behavior of „Caps lock“ changes from being a „toggle key“ to being a key that can only be used to turn „Caps lock“ on – to turn „Caps lock“ off, one has to press (either) one of the Shift keys.

    This can be advantageous for touch typists, who are used to writing long passages of text without looking at the keyboard, and especially so if they're (C/C++) programmers, who may still regularly find themselves typing in variable names of CONSTANTS_IN_UPPERCASE.

    That's because, if Caps lock is not a toggle key, it's not necessary to keep track of its current „toggle state“ in your head:

    • If I want „Caps lock“ to be on, I can press CAPS as often as I like. If it happened to be enabled already, nothing changes; otherwise, I can be sure it's enabled afterwards.

    • If I want „Caps lock“ to be off, I can simply press SHIFT
    This sounds like a hypothetical advantage, but it's not. I work as a programmer, and I often find myself typing in code like the following:

    /* Some debugging code; will only be included in debug builds: */
    #if defined _DEBUG

    Afterwards, I may pause a little, to think about the code line I would like to type in next. Now, if „Caps lock“ is a toggle key, I may (once I decide to continue) be unsure if I actually remembered to turn „Caps lock“ off at the end of ‘_DEBUG’.

    Did I? Did I not? – The only way to be sure, is to look.

    This is not so, if the „Press the SHIFT key“ behavior is enabled. If unsure, I can just press SHIFT once, be sure of the set state, and merrily continue may way.

    That, for me, is the single most important reason to prefer the „Press the SHIFT key“ setting. Also, interestingly, this used to be the default behavior in the old days … at least, until Microsoft decided to ditch Windows 9x in favor of Windows NT¹.

    ¹ Actually, my memory could be wrong in this regard and I'm not completely sure … maybe someone more knowledgeable in those matters can confirm that the „Caps lock“ default behavior was indeed changed during the switch from Windows 9x to Windows XP?
    MiSt77, Jun 29, 2020

Question about Shift & Windows key behavior

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