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Discus and support Questions regarding removing Windows 10 from laptop in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; So I bought this laptop that came with Windows 10 (pretty certain it's version 1803) pre-installed. For reasons 100% related to numerous instances of... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by UserUnknown, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Questions regarding removing Windows 10 from laptop

    So I bought this laptop that came with Windows 10 (pretty certain it's version 1803) pre-installed. For reasons 100% related to numerous instances of it fighting against my actions (changing file associations back, forced updates hosing a project, etc.) I have decided I want it off my laptop and control of the harddrive back.

    It did not come with an installation disk. After having to reset to factory default because of aforementioned project hosing, I quarantined it from internet contact as it changed my plugin video camera's driver that worked to one that doesn't. I have been using a Linux Mint 19.1 flashdrive and booting from that solely for internet browsing since.

    What I would like to do ultimately is set the laptop up as a dual-boot with some other version of Windows and Linux Mint. The harddrive though is locked out to writing when booting from the flashdrive. Perhaps that wouldn't be the case if I fully installed Linux Mint as dual-boot beside Windows 10, but I've just been saving onto another flashdrive.

    I know how to use the partition tool (Windows and Linuxes) and I have an idea how I want to have the final setup. It would wind up with likely Windows XP (as I can no longer access a harddrive with Windows 7 that I'd prefer) installed alongside Linux Mint and a non-booting pure data partition both could share.

    I don't wish to lose the use of this licensed copy of Windows 10 though as there are testing instances where I might temporarily be able to use it. I learned about the recovery tool having an option to include all system files so that it is in essence a full install backup and have since made this. Before any change that would overwrite or uninstall Windows 10 though, I want to test that full install drive first then go from there.

    These are some questions I've not figured out from all the articles I've read:

    I read that Windows 10 requires 'primary' partition to install. Does it only install on UEFI able machines (so nothing older with just BIOS)?

    This is relevant to the full install recovery flashdrive I wish to test first. I wondered if it could be targeted to install to a large flash drive or into a running virtual machine. I kind of doubted it could be test installed side by side on the same harddrive as it would recognize existing one.

    I read that if you want to dual-boot with Windows 10, you should install Windows 10 first because it destroys the parse points. Linux and most other operating systems do not, so you can partition with it's tool to install second.

    Unless Windows 10 owns the whole drive. That is the problem as it came pre-installed on the laptop. Can I make a data partition with it's own tool that is not owned by Windows 10 or that can have ownership taken by a bootflash Linux Mint partition tool?

    Without wiping the drive and losing the non Windows things I want to keep, is it possible to uninstall Windows 10 around such a data partition? Or if not I just have to copy those off to large flash and uninstall.

    I appreciate any help with this, and oh, hi. Yes I just made this account. By the way, I know it's not Windows XP forums, but does anyone know if you can do the same thing with the recovery tool for it (a full install flashdrive that is)?

    UserUnknown, Feb 19, 2021
  2. Ahhzz Win User

    Windows 10 Tweaks

    Pressing “Windows+Pause Break” (it’s up there next to scroll lock) opens the “System” Window.

    Windows 10: In the new version of Windows, Explorer has a section called Quick Access. This includes your frequent folders and recent files. Explorer defaults to opening this page when you open a new window. If you’d rather open the usual This PC, with links to your drives and library folders, follow these steps:

    • Open a new Explorer window.
    • Click View in the ribbon.
    • Click Options.
    • Under General, next to “Open File Explorer to:” choose “This PC.”
    • Click OK

    credit to Lifehacker.
    Ahhzz, Feb 19, 2021
  3. Monk.e83 Win User
    Unlocked Realtek HD Audio Drivers Windows 7 & 8 (With Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive)

    DTS supported natively by Windows 8/8.1 and it should work on windows 10 too just DDL require to unlock your driver .
    Monk.e83, Feb 19, 2021
  4. Scrizz Win User

    Questions regarding removing Windows 10 from laptop

    Windows 10

    no, you can't go back..
    I suggest creating a backup image of your os drive
    Scrizz, Feb 19, 2021

Questions regarding removing Windows 10 from laptop

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