Windows 10: Quick Access looks different.

Discus and support Quick Access looks different. in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; My original quick access does not look like this, I tried to clear my recent searches and restore default but it didn't change. Hope you might help.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by hajharilim, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Quick Access looks different.

    My original quick access does not look like this, I tried to clear my recent searches and restore default but it didn't change. Hope you might help.
    Quick Access looks different. [​IMG]

    hajharilim, Apr 17, 2017

  2. Data disappearing and then reappearing

    No, of course not. It was in a different drive(E) within a folder. Only about 60+ files were missing in a folder of 123 items.
    RohitDongre, Apr 17, 2017
  3. BobSort- Win User
    Remove Quick Access from windows explorer

    Mr. Dominic and the other person who thinks this is a useful answer.

    Please read question carefully. I do not want to remove the links inside the Quick access.

    I have no use for quick access because I arrange my files differently!

    I want to REMOVE QUICK ACCESS item itself! look at pictures below.

    Your answer is actually not an answer!

    Quick Access looks different. [​IMG]
    BobSort-, Apr 17, 2017
  4. Quick Access looks different.

    Hi hajharilim. Welcome to the TenForums @hajharilim

    Is it that you are missing the ribbon across top. If so click on the little arrow beside the question mark, upper right corner.

    If you are missing recent files / folders, click on View tab, then Options. (with ribbon showing) In window that opens at the bottom is a Privacy section. Enable ones you want.

    If these are not the issues what is missing or in the wrong place? What looks different?

    Caledon Ken, Apr 18, 2017
  5. I don't have that groups, I don't know why, I think is should look like this right?
    Quick Access looks different. [​IMG]
    with that frequent folders tab.
    hajharilim, Apr 21, 2017
  6. You are looking in the frequent folder section. Windows records your activity to populate this. I'm pretty sure as you use it more it will appear. Same for the folder ISO images.

    Caledon Ken, Apr 4, 2018

Quick Access looks different.

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