Windows 10: Ram Allocation Issues

Discus and support Ram Allocation Issues in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hey, I'm new(ish) to windows, and I can't seem to figure out how to increase the committed (Allocated) memory for a specific program. I have 65,536... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Brayden Dyck, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Ram Allocation Issues


    I'm new(ish) to windows, and I can't seem to figure out how to increase the committed (Allocated) memory for a specific program. I have 65,536 MB installed RAM, however the program has 4600 MB committed to it, and maxes it out whenever its running. There is 49,360 MB in standby, and 16,000 in use. because of the almost always steady 16,000 MB, it seems windows is capping the usable memory to 16 gigs. Anyone had this happen?

    Note: I'm running windows 10

    Brayden Dyck, Sep 1, 2019

  2. allocate a portion of storage ram tovirtual ram

    is it possible to allocate storage ram to virtual ram, thereby increasing speed of process?
    cherylbrown2, Sep 1, 2019
  3. Johan45 Win User
    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    That's what the auto setting will do since you're over the 1333 mark it jumps to the next step which isn't listed or officially supported I assume by that ram.

    At this point though I would suggest dropping the multi one step or .5 so that we can get something stable and possibly take the heat issue out of the picture for now.
    Johan45, Sep 1, 2019
  4. Ram Allocation Issues

    Issues with total memory size of dedicated available RAM

    Hello Gevorg,

    Thank you for posting your concern in Microsoft Community an we regret for the inconvenience.

    From the description provided, I understand that the motherboard you are using has 4 DIMM slots which supports up to 8 GB of dedicated RAM.

    To be able to understand the issue better. let us know how are you viewing the total memory size of dedicated available RAM in your PC.

    Now, in one case, if you are using more than one module of RAM, and the frequencies at which they operate are not the same. There will be two outcomes:

    • The modules will conflict in terms of DIMM frequencies and it will declare memory failure.
    • Instead of downclocking one or more RAM/s, the motherboard will reject the ones from being accepted.

    In order to ascertain if the hardware is correctly configured, I suggest you to check the system information in the BIOS settings. Refer to the manufacturer provided manual to know more about on how to access the BIOS settings.

    In another scenario, your computer may also be allocating part of your RAM to other hardware modules, such as your network hardware.

    As a secondary workout, I suggest you to increase the Virtual Memory and check if it helps. Follow the steps below.

    • Click Windows key + R to open the RUN command utility and type
      msconfig.exe, then press ENTER.

    • Click on Boot option and select advanced options.

    • Check the maximum memory box and change the value accordingly.

    • Click on Apply and Ok to save changes and click Restart the computer.

    Hope the above information is helpful.

    Thank You.
    Sayan_Ghosh, Sep 1, 2019

Ram Allocation Issues

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