Windows 10: Random Alt-Tabs?

Discus and support Random Alt-Tabs? in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; So, this issue developed some weeks ago. Every hour, from start-up, I get alt-tabbed to a mystery window, called 'Update' according to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by LVC_AltTab, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Random Alt-Tabs?

    So, this issue developed some weeks ago.

    Every hour, from start-up, I get alt-tabbed to a mystery window, called 'Update' according to WindowsFocusLogger. I've tried disabling tasks, I've tried closing down non-essential tasks at start up - I've tried **** round in TaskScheduler. Any ideas?

    LVC_AltTab, Jun 13, 2019
  2. Kleux Win User

    Windows 10 random tabbing in everything and alt tab problem

    Hi Donna,

    Yes, it happens on all programs, may it be desktop, windows sign in screen, everywhere.

    I tried the ff. but it doesn't work.

    press shift five times

    press shift for 8 seconds

    uninstalling the laptop keyboard

    I just found out that the TAB key has no function and the following keys (Right Shift, Caps Lock, BackSpace, Num Lock, T, Y, [, ], 4, 8)does its function but keeps on tabbing continuously until I press the keys that functions normally.

    Alt+Backapace is functioning as Alt+Tab but it keeps on tabbing.
    Kleux, Jun 13, 2019
  3. alt + tab not working

    Just found a really cool way to make alt+tab INSTANT!!!

    In the launch options write the following: -windowed -noborder

    Random Alt-Tabs? Capture122.jpg

    This play exactly the same as fullscreen but now you dont have to wait 30 f*@!ing seconds to alt+tab back in!

    Also you don't get the little purple/black checkered effect (only in Source games) from alt+tabbing in fullscreen.
    oli_ramsay, Jun 13, 2019
  4. Random Alt-Tabs?

    alt + tab not working

    *Confused Random Alt-Tabs? :confused: I can alt tab back even if i don't have another program to switch too.
    spearman914, Jun 13, 2019

Random Alt-Tabs?

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