Windows 10: Random & Consitant disconnections

Discus and support Random & Consitant disconnections in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Hi guys, I've been all over the web from first base to home and every fix I've tried has failed to work. I recently got a new modem and since i got... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Donnieboy2710, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Random & Consitant disconnections

    Hi guys, I've been all over the web from first base to home and every fix I've tried has failed to work. I recently got a new modem and since i got this modem.... My internet has just decided to randomly drop and reconnect on my pc. Bare in mind we have several other devices in the house and every single on of these works 100% fine. I've had 3 errors thrown up at me "windows cannot automatically detect proxy settings" & "one or more protocols are missing from this computer" Both found via trouble shooter on different occasions. Then sometimes i get TP-links software pop up saying "please plug in your network adapter". Symptoms are random disconnections from the internet. the main thing is that the little wireless symbol in the bottom right never dissapears and always shoes it's still connected when i disconnect although it has gone "limited" a few times.

    I am using a TP-link TL WN881ND although windows seems to register it as a "qualcomm Atheros AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter #2" I'm also running windows ten and have done for quite some time and this has only recently started happening (within the past week) Sometimes my pc stays online for a couple hours and i think "oh hey it's fixed" then boom i disconnect once again. Then sometimes it stays online for all of about 5 minutes and spam discconects. Fixes i've tried range from updating & or rolling back drivers disabling certain settings, cmd prompt commands, disabling & enabling, swapping ports for my wireless card and NONE have fixed this damn glitch or bug or whatever you wanna call it. I will factory reset my pc but only as a last resort.

    As you can imagine i dont want to spend money buying a new wireless card just to find out it was some bug to do with the allmighty worlds best OS windows 10 ¬.¬ So please is there ANYONE who can help me with this god forsaken problem. It's making me pull my hair out. I hope to hear from... someone soon. Throw possible fixes my way and i'll let you know if i've done them or how they worked out

    Donnieboy2710, Mar 25, 2016
  2. ng85---01 Win User

    Software installing problem

    During installation the phone disconnects & reconnects many times. If it was working fine before then let it continue. But if it was disconnecting earlier at random then don't continue as it may damage ur phone.
    ng85---01, Mar 25, 2016
  3. WorthyX Win User
    Getting random disconnections

    At first, my internet was fine with a strong router and laptop. However, at unexpected times, I get disconnected. I always cleaned my computer on a weekly basis, yet I am still getting the same connection problems. Unfortunately, I am not the only one
    because my dad's computer is dealing with the same problem as I am getting. I was able to fix it by just turning airplane mode on and off, but that fix is only temporary. Is it the Windows 10 problem or is it just me?
    WorthyX, Mar 25, 2016
  4. Bob Mind Win User

    Random & Consitant disconnections

    Bob Mind, Mar 30, 2016
  5. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    Try and change the channel on your router

    There's several free programs out there to check what channels are being used.

    Most people - especially if they are on bog standard cable boxes tend to be on channel 1 or 6 on the 2.4GHZ band. Channel 11 is often a good one to use and in Europe channel 13 is also available. In a crowded area you will get a load of contention on channels 1 and 6 usually.

    (While channel 11 could be used a lot it's a "Non overlapping" channel so likely on the whole to be OK).

    Otherwise see if you can switch to the 5 GHZ band -- bear in mind though that some devices like chromecast and smart TV's connected via wifi might not be able to access the 5 GHZ band -- if you can connect these devices directly via ethernet to your router then you can still use the 5GHZ band.

    If you have devices away from the router that have an ethernet connection a great way of connecting these is to use an Ethernet--wifi bridge - with decent 5GHZ signal you should be able to get between 200-400 Mb/s on the LAN -- don't expect the download speed to be that though !!!!.

    I'm using an old ASUS Router for this as my NAS box doesn't have a WIreless card (also running wifi on Linux can be a bit "????") also so a small piece of ethernet cable into the ASUS router acting as the wifi bridge works perfectly and I can store the NAS well out of the way without messy cables everywhere.

    Advantage also of using an ethernet bridge is that the wifi in these is far more sensitive to the average wifi card in a laptop etc and will swamp any contention from typical laptops / mobile phones so you should always get a decent signal.

    To check channel usage try this program

    How to Find the Best WiFi Channel For Your WiFi Network

    jimbo45, Mar 30, 2016
  6. brummyfan Win User
    Hi Donnieboy2710,
    You could try unticking the "Allow the computer to switch off this device..." box(from router properties under Power Management tab), I am also experiencing the same symptoms in my HG635 router, so I guess, it's nothing to do with your router or the card.

    Random & Consitant disconnections [​IMG]
    brummyfan, Mar 30, 2016
  7. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    This is probably 100% NOT likely to be a solution - and even if it by some miracle does work it's not very satisfactory -- there's no reason to switch off a wifi card -- you might just as well turn off the entire computer - probably a better idea if you aren't using the machine for a while.

    I've found that changing the channel / Band has worked pretty well every time -- just try it --if you don't like it you can always re-set it back to what it was.

    Note also if you get hosed up connecting to your router via computer (usually address or - or similar) you can always access via smart phone as the smart phone can access all the relevant frequencies - 4G will handle 5GHZ -- you won't need to connect a laptop to your router via a piece of LAN cable to fix !!).

    The most likely cause of the problem has nothing to do with the working of the modem but "Interference" especially from overlapping channels / other wifi devices.

    If you can remember old AM radio or Analog TV (Rather showing my age here !!!) you might remember a buzzing noise on the Radio if you used a vacuum cleaner near it or a white line on a TV when using the Microwave. This is simple Interference and it happens on DIGITAL signals (although to a lesser extent) too. That's how Mobile Phone blockers are made -- simply swamp the frequency of the device with a stronger signal - in Engineering terms known as "White Noise".

    Check also you don't have TOO many devices connected to your Wifi network at the same time -- people often forget say in a House with 3 kids for example - you might have 3 ipads / computers, 3 mobile phones for the kids, plus 2 more for "Mum & Dad" plus computers/ NAS boxes, Smart TV's etc.

    If you do have a load of WIFI devices on at the same time try and split into two different streams - it's not too difficult to do and probably a good idea as well if you have kids as you can more easily keep tabls on what they are doing online if need be.

    jimbo45, Mar 30, 2016
  8. Random & Consitant disconnections

    I'm not really that good with this kinda stuff so i'm guessing in my routers settings i would go into wirless channel and change it from "auto" to 5 right ?
    Donnieboy2710, Mar 30, 2016
  9. okay i changed the channel to 11 but im still getting the same error message when i troubleshoot my wifi "windows could not automatically detect this netoworks proxy settings"
    Donnieboy2710, Mar 30, 2016
  10. right well regardless it still disconnects it's self even after buying a new wireless card, changing the channel to 11 and 13 and the bandwidth from 20mhz to 20/40mhz. They were in all fairness supposed to send up a brightbox 2 but sent us this but the old man wont ring them up and say anything because his internet is fine he says. You have no idea how frustrating that is for me but hey'o i just hope i can fix this shiz
    Donnieboy2710, Mar 30, 2016
  11. i did the oposite to what the error message people normally say i actually turned the proxy settings on via the internet lan settings tab in the controll pannel and now i dont get the message but im still disconnecting.... and getting 14kbp/s download speeds on some things like chrome, ff and geforce experience yet and steam are getting 500kb/ps which is about average because we have abismol coverage here although it does say we should get up to 4 meg download speeds
    Donnieboy2710, Mar 30, 2016
  12. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there.

    This sounds more like a fault with your PROVIDER now rather than the hardware you are using.

    Try switching providers -- my experience in the UK is that SKY Broadband works the best - Virgin is at best compared with the brown stuff that comes out of the back of a bull and B.T while passable always means about 1 hr on a phone waiting to get on to some incomprehensible (at least to me) Indian Call centre to get even a trivial problem resolved.

    Why there is this huge variation in standards between these 3 when essentially the SAME fibre cable is used (Openreach) is beyond me -- perhaps instead of spending all that money on resuing Banks they should have spent a bit more on fixing Broadband in the UK.

    (mind you our PM in Isl has been implicated in the recent tax scandals via Panama so the UK isn't the only country where people and Banks have been "Naughty Boys" !!!!).

    jimbo45, Apr 4, 2016
  13. Random & Consitant disconnections

    you see i dont understand why it's to do with my provider though. Like i said it is ONLY my pc that's effected out of a total of 8-9 devices online at any given time. i even went close range, i'm talking about 10 foot from the modem and im still disconnecting. aslwee as going around and turning the wifi off on as many devices as possible yet still my pc is the one that constantly disconnects. I went and i brought a brand new wireless card and even that didnt fix it as well as wiping my c drive and reinstalling windows. The modem is also brand new it's an EE brightbox 1 (r) or something even though they were supposed to send up a brightbox 2. regardless of that the problems only started happening when we got this new modem. I just want to be able to get on the web again for more then 20 minutes but noone anywhere not even my providor has answers. (EE is the best coverage we have where i live and its a very off the grid area so network coverage isnt the best) This problem has never happened and i've lived here for almost 2 years now and suddenly it decides too. im not sure if its the windows update not liking this modem or it's just the modem being terrible... even though it's technically better then my old one
    Donnieboy2710, Apr 4, 2016
  14. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there
    Afraid I'm out of ideas now ---

    As a last resort totally switch of the cable box (not just re-set but disconnect from mains completely) and do a complete box reset --there's usually a button you have to hold in for 10 secs or so when switching it back on again.

    (Before you do this remember any passwords / settings though).

    Also I don't understand why you've enabled any proxy settings -- shouldn't be necessary. I assume you get connections if you connect directly to the box with a LAN cable --if you don't have any LAN connections on the computer just use a USB-->LAN connector -- very cheap in Maplin in UK. This will at least test if there is another problem with your computer.

    I still somehow suspect the set up is at fault though.

    One final idea -- try a Wifi extender -- you can fiddle around with this to set different channels etc without disturbing the main router / cable box. It will have a different SSID - usually like SSID-EXT where SSID is the original name of your main wireless network.

    This will set you back though about 50 - 70 EUR though (not sure of the GBP-EUR rate at the moment -- seems to change hugely every time a Politician opens his / her mouth !!).

    jimbo45, Apr 5, 2018

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