Windows 10: Ransom:Win32/Filecoder.RB!MSR

Discus and support Ransom:Win32/Filecoder.RB!MSR in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Hello, I have been infected with Ransom: Win32 / Filecoder.RB! MSR and I cannot access my files, someone knows how to recover my information.thanks.... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by ChristianMuñoz4, Mar 26, 2020 at 7:17 PM.

  1. Ransom:Win32/Filecoder.RB!MSR

    Hello, I have been infected with Ransom: Win32 / Filecoder.RB! MSR and I cannot access my files, someone knows how to recover my information.thanks.

    ChristianMuñoz4, Mar 26, 2020 at 7:17 PM
  2. djbbenn Win User

    New Trojan that Demands a Ransom

    There is a new virus out there discovered by virus hunters known as "Cryzip". The Trojan encrypts your files and then demands a $300 ransom for the decryption password to get your files back. After encrypting the files, the virus leaves a nice step-by-step guide of how to go about paying the ransom off. It's supposedly spread through email Spam, and has successfully evaded anti-virus scanners.

    Source: eWeek
  3. WMPlayer win32 error

    List the EXACT "blah, blah" you mention, here please... for ALL installation cases!

    (Sound like a possible "DLL-Hell" issue, but "Windows File Protection" &/or "System File Protection" should have countered for this... no biggie, there's ways around that too!)

    *Smile Ransom:Win32/Filecoder.RB!MSR :)

    * I have to 'step-out' now, but imo, this is the track to pursue here, & we will when I get back... so, please list that data I request!

  4. topgundcp Win User


    No MSR partition after converting from MBR to GPT a while back?

    Yes, we will rebuild the whole thing.

    Here's the steps:
    1. Copy this code and save it in a file called: EFI.txt to an external HD.
      IMPORTANT: The code uses Disk 0 on first line, make sure you use the same disk #, if not, change it.
      select disk 0
      convert GPT
      create partition primary size=499
      format quick fs=ntfs
      set id=DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC override
      gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
      create partition primary size=99
      format quick fs=FAT32
      set id=C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B override
      create par MSR size=16
      list par
    2. Download Macrium Rescue disk ISO.: MacRescue.iso - Google Drive
      build a bootable USB, use: Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way
    3. Boot up the PC with the USB. NOTE: there are 2 boot up modes: USB-XXX and UEFI-USB-XXX
      Since your Windows is GPT, Must use: UEFI-USB-XXX
    4. Make a complete backup image of your current Windows Disk 0 including D: partition to the external HD.
      (Click on image this disk)
      Make sure you verify the image
    5. Next, Click on the command icon on the bottom left to open the command windows then type:
      diskpart /s Drive:\EFI.txt where Drive is the the drive letter of the external HD.
      This will create the 1st 3 partitions: 500MB Recovery, 100MB EFI System, 16MB MSR
    6. Go back to Macrium Windows, click on Backup tab, click on Refresh
    7. Next, click on Restore Tab and select the backup image created in step 4
      Select the destination disk (Disk 0)
    8. Drag the Cdrive from top row and drop to the empty space next to 16MB MSR, then drag D: and drop next to C:
      Click next->Finish
    9. Once restore completed. Click on "Fix Windows Boot problem". Follow the screen to rebuild the BCD.
    10. Reboot

    You should have: 499 MB Recovery, 99 EFI System, 16MB MSR and C drive + Drive (16MB MSR is hidden from Disk Management)
    Here's a screen shot without Drive D since I only have Windows partitions on disk 0

    Ransom:Win32/Filecoder.RB!MSR [​IMG]

    At this point your Windows Recovery Environment is broken, we will fix that next.

    If you have any question. Please ask !!!


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