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Discus and support Re: Gmail as default email in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I have recently purchased a Windows 10 loaded Lenovo laptop. I want Gmail to be the default email client. At the moment, I can access Gmail, through... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by billbir, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. billbir Win User

    Re: Gmail as default email

    I have recently purchased a Windows 10 loaded Lenovo laptop. I want Gmail to be the default email client. At the moment, I can access Gmail, through but do not like the way it is presented and prefer Gmail's format. Is there any way that I can unravel this, so that when I click START and EMAIL it goes direct to my Gmail account, unaffected by Outlook? Any guidance would be much appreciated,

    billbir, Sep 7, 2015

  2. Mail page/link

    Neither of those programs are email clients which is what you need for Send To or Mailto commands. You might be able to trick Gmail into thinking it's an email client though. This used to work. No idea if it still does.

    How to set Gmail as default

    How to Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client for Mailto Links
    Bruce Hagen, Sep 7, 2015
  3. nilarav Win User
    Backspace not working Lumia 535 when replying email

    Hi Leif,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Actually I deleted my Gmail account and then re created. Now the backspace is working.

    But a new problem started now:

    When I receive a new Gmail email, I touch to open it from Notification screen. Instead of opening that email, it actually opens the
    last Hotmail I opened.

    After closing this Hotmail screen, then it goes to Gmail inbox. Now I have to touch again to open it and read.

    Pl. note that the Hotmail account is the default one and there is no option to delete it and re create it.

    It is a shame that Microsoft software engineers make such programs!

    Their email client should be the best because they have more than 20 years of experience starting with outlook express.

    nilarav, Sep 7, 2015
  4. elbmek Win User

    Re: Gmail as default email

    I too am trying to make gmail my default, I dont use MS accounts.
    elbmek, Apr 21, 2017
  5. I gave up on trying what you're talking about. I just put a Shortcut to gmail on the Desktop.
    Wiley Coyote, Apr 21, 2017
  6. Berton Win User
    The basic issue is that Gmail, Yahoo mail, and [may be others] are not E-Mail Clients, they are Webmail/Online E-Mail accessed via one's Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, etc. [SeaMonkey does include an installable E-Mail Client.] Microsoft's Office/Outlook, IncrediMail, the old Outlook Express, Thunderbird among others are installable E-Mail Clients.
    Berton, Apr 21, 2017
  7. I do miss Outlook Express.
    Wiley Coyote, Apr 21, 2017
  8. Berton Win User

    Re: Gmail as default email

    Berton, Apr 21, 2017
  9. elbmek Win User
    Its really very simple. When I click on an email address on site, it opens Windows Mail. I dont want that, I want it to go directly to gmail, I dont use windows mail. When a site says 'contact us here' on it goes to Mail. There is no identifiable link for me to cut and paste.

    I used to be able to substitute gmail for live mail, outlook mail or whatever. I cannot do that now. MS have monpolised the settings to open only outlook, mail etc.

    in this context gmail on desktop, which i have, is not the solution.
    elbmek, Apr 21, 2017
  10. Setup your browser as a default app to handle emails, so it would open in webmail. It works for me.
    TairikuOkami, Apr 21, 2017
  11. elbmek Win User
    I already have FF set for googlemail default. And its my default browser. It makes no difference. There is no option for webmail.

    Re: Gmail as default email [​IMG]
    elbmek, Apr 21, 2017
  12. TairikuOkami, Apr 21, 2017
  13. Edwin New Member

    Re: Gmail as default email

    Gmail Notifier Pro:

    Gmail Notifier Pro - Professional Gmail notifier for Windows

    Re: Gmail as default email [​IMG]
    Edwin, Apr 21, 2017
  14. elbmek Win User
    installed but can get it to work Edwin, need to check out site again .............................
    keeps telling me unauthenticated
    elbmek, Apr 21, 2017
  15. Edwin New Member
    Can you show a screenshot of that?
    Edwin, Apr 21, 2017

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