Windows 10: read and write permission problem

Discus and support read and write permission problem in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; hi all i created a share folder in windows server 2019 for windows 7 and windows 10 client, and assign READ and WRITEcopy and paste, not allow modify... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by wingmakwingmak, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. read and write permission problem

    hi all

    i created a share folder in windows server 2019 for windows 7 and windows 10 client, and assign READ and WRITEcopy and paste, not allow modify and delete permission to this share folder

    in windows 7 clients, i can save any file to this folder, everything is fine. but in windows 10, when i try to save files to same share folder with same username, some of file cannot be saved to this share folder, and show me error "You need permission to perform this action", is it windows 10 or Server 2019 or my pemission setting problem ? how to fix this problem??

    for example
    Server 2019

    Share Folder name: shareFolder

    shareFolder's premission for user_a:

    Traverse Folder/Execute File --> CHECKED
    List Folder/Read Data --> CHECKED
    Read Attributes --> CHECKED
    Read Extended Attributes --> CHECKED
    Create Files/Write Data --> CHECKED
    Create Folders/Append Data --> CHECKED
    Write Attributes --> CHECKED
    Write Extended Attributes
    Delete Subfolders and Files
    Read Permissions --> CHECKED
    Change Permissions
    Take Ownership

    i can read and writecopy and paste files to this share folder, and all files in this share folder cannot be deleted and modified, everything is fine.

    WINDWOS 10
    txt, png, docx, pptx, some mp4 can be writedcopy and paste to this share folder

    but jpg, some of mp4 cannot be save to this share folder, and show me "You need permission to perform this action"

    wingmakwingmak, Mar 5, 2021
  2. Argel Obm Win User

    Read/Write Permissions

    It is possible that there is a setting that was changed and that can be the reason why you're having a read/write permission issue. Just to clarify, were there any changes made on your computer before encountering the error? Also, does the issue occur when
    editing the permissions on all folders?

    We recommend that you perform a system restore so that your computer can restore the settings it has before the issues occurred. To perform a system restore, access this
    article and click on
    Restore from a system restore point.

    Keep us posted.
    Argel Obm, Mar 5, 2021
  3. NielsF Win User
    Read/Write Permissions


    I own a Windows 10 64x system and sadly it includes a Read/Write problem.

    - Example one: When i try to edit the Group Policy "User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode", which is located in: <Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options>, I get an |Acces Denied| message.

    This also happens when I try to change the setting in via Regedit

    Sadly this doesnt only include 'advanced' actions:

    - Example two: A game I play needs read/write permissions which it doesnt have. The entire folder is set to Read Only, black square selection, which in itself shouldnt do anything but still it negates the game from editing files.

    Im familiar with the issue, its technical aspects and Google, so I tried ALL fixes that I could find

    I've tried:

    - Giving myself AND all other administrators FULL CONTROLL over any and all files in my PC in ALL ways possible

    - Making a new group that has full controll

    - Percussive maintanance

    Seeing as NOONE has a solution and lots of people have this problem, what is recommended? Id love an actual sitdown in a chat or something. Ill even run Teamviewer to show you my problem (if youre a windows dude that is)

    plz help
    NielsF, Mar 5, 2021
  4. read and write permission problem

    Write permission


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    If you don’t have permission for any folder follow the below steps to give permissions:

    Let’s give permission to the folder and check if that helps. Follow these steps to give permissions to the drive.

    • Right-click on the folder which you’re unable to access and select Properties.
    • Click on ‘Security’ tab and under ‘Group or user names’ click on ‘Edit’.
    • Click on ‘Add’ and type ‘everyone’.
    • Click on ‘Check names’ and then click ‘OK’.
    • Select ‘everyone’ and under ‘Allow’ select
      ‘Full control’
      and click on ‘Apply’ and Click ‘Ok’.
    Hope this information help and let us know the status of the issue we will be glad to help you further.
    Mohammed Yaseer, Mar 5, 2021

read and write permission problem

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