Windows 10: Reboot loop, no bluescreen, no auto recovery.

Discus and support Reboot loop, no bluescreen, no auto recovery. in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Yes, I've done "disable automatic restart after failure". The machine actually is not bluescreening. It brings up the windows logo, the white balls... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by FMA1394, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. FMA1394 Win User

    Reboot loop, no bluescreen, no auto recovery.

    Yes, I've done "disable automatic restart after failure". The machine actually is not bluescreening. It brings up the windows logo, the white balls spin around a few times. Screen goes blank for two seconds and the logo and spinning balls come back. It goes black again about 5s later, and reboots. It never does automatic startup repair.

    What happened was that I did a Windows 7 Professional x64 -> Windows 10 Pro x64 upgrade... and that's when things went horribly wrong. I've done the upgrade on three other machines and not had any trouble until this machine.

    What I think happened is that there were file system errors that did not get checked before doing the upgrade (did Windows Setup stop checking the target drive for errors in recent years?). It puked out somewhere during the upgrade, and now is stuck in some horrific limbo. I've done the chkdsk /f and fixed all the errors. I've checked the SMART status of the SSD and it is in perfect health. I've rebuilt the bcd (both with bootrec /rebuildbcd and by hand), the mbr (bootrec /fixmbr), and the bootsector (bootrec /fixboot).

    I've attempted to do a Startup Repair with the setup disk (the obvious choice, right?) but that's where things get odd. I choose Windows 10 Pro (not Windows 7 Professional which is still in the list) and I look in srttrail and it says at the bottom:

    "The operating system version is incompatible with Startup Repair"

    I'm 100% sure that this was the disk used to install the upgrade. I did not use the tray icon to do the upgrade because I don't want to have to download the upgrade files for every single computer.

    Am I hosed? I'd really like to salvage the install on this computer. It's not my computer and the owner of the computer is going to start keeping backups (1TB WD Passport Ultra on the way, 20/20 hindsight, etc.) from now on. Hopefully, this is not beyond repair. Ideas appreciated.

    FMA1394, Aug 4, 2015
  2. kim13_OO Win User

    BlueScreen : Kernel_INPAGE_DATA_ERROR

    please i used the verifier first and now my pc is blocked in a loop i cant boot i get anothrr bluescreen each time my pc auto restart the error is DRIVER VERIFIER DETECRED VIOALTION
    kim13_OO, Aug 4, 2015
  3. Windows stuck in boot loop after update

    windows unable to boot, im presented with a blue stop code. System then auto reboots and after a few restarts attempts to enter windows 10 recovery. System is unable to do so, when recovery is loading a green insider build stop code is shows and the system
    auto reboots again to start the loop again.

    Both stop codes show same error

    Page fault in non page area

    What failed: Volsnap.sys

    i am unable to even start windows or system recovery due to this.

    any help would be greatly appreciated ��

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    JamesRichardson1989, Aug 4, 2015

Reboot loop, no bluescreen, no auto recovery.

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