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Discus and support Recover lost PST in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; Hello i have recently migrated my PC from windows 7 to windows 10 and while in the process i have lost all my desktop data which includes my PST... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by Gladstonrumao, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Recover lost PST


    i have recently migrated my PC from windows 7 to windows 10 and while in the process i have lost all my desktop data which includes my PST files also.

    can you please guide me on how to recover my lost files from system.

    Gladstonrumao, Oct 10, 2018
  2. jumper2 Win User

    Outlook 2016 pst file disappeared. How to find/recover/reconstruct

    To answer the above questions...

    • The pst file I do have is on an external drive. Full copy of the file as of 08-Feb-2017.
    • The pst file I do need cannot be found on the system. Is it hidden, under another name, deleted via a proper delete or corrupted, I don't know. Not in the Outlook folder in the path mentioned above that it was previously. What I don't understand is that Quick Access reported it was there and how it would then simply be gone.
    • Outlook 2016, part of Office 365
    • Windows 10
    • Outlook won't start, looking for that pst file in the specific folder
    • Old pst file (used since, I think 2007), but has been fine until last week
    • It seems that another pst file (that had older emails) that was also used until recently has disappeared
    • Yep, I know about backups. Everything essential, besides these files, is backed up to Dropbox. Unfortunately this is the regrettable exception. Beyond the regrets, I'm trying to make good of a bad situation.
    • I might have changed a setting in Malwarebytes 3 a couple of months ago to delete, rather than quarantine infected files. I've emailed them to ask if deleted files are recoverable. Is this possibly the issue, I don't know. Would it and others have been flagged, perhaps as false/positives, I don't know. Cannot access the system or any logs or apps right now as SpinRite is still running.
    • I'm thinking of cancelling the SpinRite. Now 4 days and no idea on progress/finish. Running from a bootable USB. Have read of some issues using a USB, but nothing clear.
    • Recognise that there may be other issues that warrant a HDD replacement to be entirely safe. Beyond these missing files, no other messages of any kind or misbehaviour to suggest other problems.

    I would really like to know what happened to these files or if there is anything I can do to try find/recover them. In the event that I simply try to recover best, how do I accomplish this using Outlook? Copy the Feb copy of the pst file to previous folder, start Outlook, import the file to Outlook, and/or create a new profile, download all the messages from the server and then import the old back up. Would appreciate a step by step guide to any options to ensure I don't mess up.

    Thanks for all the replies. Appreciated.
    jumper2, Oct 10, 2018
  3. figgirigh Win User
    How to recover the lost messages?

    1. Re-create your mail folder hierarchy by dragging folders into place in the Folder list. Note that any folder you have created to group sub-folders but that does not itself contain messages will not appear in the Folder list and so must be created again.
    2. Re-download the list of newsgroups from each news account.
    3. Reset your subscribed newsgroups and download messages again.
    4. Reset synchronization options on IMAP and newsgroup folders.
    5. Edit any message rule that moves or copies messages to folders other than the Inbox.
    These are the steps from which you can get the lost information back. And if your information not recovered again then it might be severe problem .In this case you have to go for recovery software to get your dbx files data back. I can refer you a link which can surely help you to get your lost data back. Try
    figgirigh, Oct 10, 2018
  4. Bo$$ Win User

    Recover lost PST

    Can data be recovered from a Formatted SD Flash Card?

    read, he has lost his flash card with sensitive info on it

Recover lost PST

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