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Discus and support Recovering Deleted Files in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi everyone, please take time and pay attention reading so we don't go around in circles while anyone tries to help me, thanks in advance. Two Days... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ssmb212121, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Recovering Deleted Files

    Hi everyone, please take time and pay attention reading so we don't go around in circles while anyone tries to help me, thanks in advance.

    Two Days ago two folders with photoshop .psd files and /png files disappeared along with some program shortcuts.

    At some point i alt-tabed out from a full screen program and i noticed my recycle bin showing to have something inside it and by "reflex"?!! is what i can describe it best i emptied it. After that i wondered what it could be since i dont clearly remember deleting anything thats when i noticed desktop shortcuts and the 2 folders missing (there is a chance that the recycle bin contents was irrelevant to the folders disappearing. How i think they ended up in the recycle bin is that earlier the same day i was cleaning my keyboard and it took me some seconds before thinking to disconnect it, maybe i selected specific shortcuts/folders and send them to recycle bin by pressing buttons while i was cleaning it?
    At this point i began to try to find a way to get them back here is what iv done so far.
    Checked a full scan with both norton security and malware bytes. Both showed nothing
    Tried almost every possible recovery program like easeus, recuva, minitool, active recovery, and several other running scan, deep scan, raw files, raw data etc and none of the files from the folders or the folder themselves appeared. In addition i tried recovering eveyr possible .psd and .png file that the scan found just to be sure it even recovered files from a year ago that worked fine with photoshop BUT NOT EVEN ONE of the files that were in any of the two folders.
    After googling the symptons trying to find similar cases tried the following:

    Copied my desktop folder and moved it to another user profile in case i had a broken ntuser.dat and the folders where there (altho they did not appear on any of the scans for lost files).

    Tried a full time scan repairs errors bad sectors and empty space disk check on dos environment outside of os.

    No folder with lost or fixed files appeared on my disk.

    Tried a cmd command dism to restore online health then run multiple times sfc /scannow

    Rebuild the index file.

    To this point it looks like the files where deleted and got zeros?? written over them but that would be not possible just through an accident or inside windows while os running.

    Even if lets say something written over them on the hdd theres tons of files on the recovery programs that i used that they were overwritten and had bad health/wouldnt work even if restored but they were there while the files/folders im looking for have 0 trace found in the same scans, like they never existed.

    Lets say that what i think happened has indeed happaned and i accidentally moved folders and shortcuts to the recycle bin then emptied it how can they be nowhere to be found? Altho all the recovery programs as a restoration option to the recycle bin showed the same files which is some install.exes of themselves which i deleted after. Is this the way it supposed to work ? the recovery will only show the very last deleted item batch from the recycle bin? Or windows 10 os somehow keep a special spot on the hdd for the recycle bin files and if you delete something else gets completely overwritten? (which still wouldnt made sense since i found older deleted files on deep scan).

    Im lost at this point on what to do i would like to recover them if not all some of them at least but theres absolutely 0 trade of all of them in any software.

    My os is windows 10 with the latest updates had 0 problems errors bsod or power outages until this point and the hdd i am using is Intel 750 series 750 gb Nvme ssd NTFS filesystem and gpt Partitioning style with just the regular default windows Partitions Recovery/OS/EFI.

    ssmb212121, Oct 27, 2018
  2. Melvis Win User

    How to recover files off a HDD from a deleted partition? help!!!

    Thanks for your reply. I used my m8s program and it worked like a dream, recovered all the files and also deleted ones from yrs back, was amazed how well it did. Next step is i will use that Partition Table Doctor to recover the deleted partition. Thanks for the link *Toast :toast:
    Melvis, Oct 27, 2018
  3. Knoxx29 Win User
    Recover deleted files from recycle bin?

    EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.

    I have deleted accidentally 2TB files, all recovered back.
    Knoxx29, Oct 27, 2018
  4. Recovering Deleted Files

    recover deleted data???

    That was the word on the street (so to speak) all the way back to the DOS days.
    Files are never really erased by the OS. Most every OS just marks the Directory entry for the file, that it was deleted. In the olden days, the filename "Mark.txt" would look like "?ark.txt".

    PCTools had an undelete command in it's file manager. All you had to do was provide the first letter for a deleted file and PCTools would recover the file for you.

    But if someone had deleted files and then did a defrag, well it was 99% certain that any deleted file was overwritten and gone forever.
    Many logs are written to during bootup and can overwrite deleted file space, so the less activity performed on a drive after file deletion, the better the chance of recovering those files.

    I too would like to know the name of that recovery program. I have one tucked away someplace but right now I don't even remember the name of it.*Confused Recovering Deleted Files :confused:

    Cheers Mates!
    The Shadow*Cool Recovering Deleted Files :cool:
    TheShadowFL, Oct 27, 2018

Recovering Deleted Files