Windows 10: Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem

Discus and support Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; I am using only Chrome but my RAM usage is showing 3GB or more than 3GB out of 4GB in task manager and my system hangs and mostly it is very slow .... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by HrithikRaj, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem

    I am using only Chrome but my RAM usage is showing 3GB or more than 3GB out of 4GB in task manager and my system hangs and mostly it is very slow . Even if I did not use any application or software my RAM usage is showing above 2.6 GB.Also when I have cleared the cache it is like that. So please help me sorting this problem. Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem eb9b310c-9fe3-4bbe-8c70-01ceaabf65ce?upload=true.jpg

    HrithikRaj, Nov 27, 2020

  2. Unknown Constant RAM Usage


    To explore more on RAM usage by processes and see in-depth I advise you to open the Resource monitor, please follow the below steps.

    Step 1 :

    Open Task Manager

    Step 2:

    Click on Performance

    Step 3:

    At the bottom click on Open Resource Monitor

    Step 4:

    Under Resource Monitor windows click on Memory

    Step 5:

    Click on Working Set to list the top process utilizing the more RAM and then evaluate RAM usage.



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    MohammedShuaib1986, Nov 27, 2020
  3. GBCrosby Win User
    System and compressed memory high disk usage during file copy

    Thank you Amarjeet_Paul.

    I spent many more hours than I had hoped this past week reading and trying others' suggestions from this community on how to reduce high RAM usage due to ntoskrnl.exe. The "System and compressed memory" process remained the top consumer of RAM, using 500-900MB,
    among all other processes running. I deemed it to be the likely culprit in making my computer use frustratingly sluggish. After completing your
    third step, steps 1. & 2. provided no improvement in my case, the "System and compressed memory" process RAM usage has plummeted from the top of the Task Manager Process list to the bottom, running at a remarkable 0.1MB! That's a whole lot less than
    1% of the targeted process' gluttony. You're hired! Ps. I'll be keeping an eye on the process' use as I get back to normal operations, and be back if it floats to high in the list. Or if the registry fix you suggested has compromised use in any way. Please
    explain in simple terms what the insertion of your registry modification is doing.

    Thanks again.

    GBCrosby, Nov 27, 2020
  4. Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem

    RAM leaks and high CPU usage

    Sorry to seem so negative, folks, but am I the only one who thinks it's disgraceful that the onus seems continually to be on users to fix the ridiculous RAM leaks and high CPU usage problems that were caused by the Fall 2017 Creators Update?

    I received the Creators Update for Windows 10 Pro near the end of the year -- not surprisingly, since I'm currently living in eastern Europe. Installation went smoothly, but from the outset, I began experiencing significantly higher RAM and CPU usage. These
    were issues that I'd not experienced before. I did a bit of research, and discovered that the errors don't really seem to depend on system hardware or idiosyncratic configurations. Instead, the problems appear to lie clearly with the update itself.

    I'm lucky enough to have a very robust system: i7 Haswell-E 5820, factory overclocked and liquid-cooled; 32 GB of RAM; GTX-980; fast SSD as my program drive, etc. I also have a Rainmeter skin that shows me RAM and CPU usage in real time. On boot, I used
    to see only about 2.25 GB of RAM being used; CPU would settle to 1-2%. Since the Creators Update, RAM usage on boot is routinely from a low of about 4.25 GB to as much as 7.5 GB, and CPU usage regularly shows prolonged inexplicable intervals of 20 - 35% usage,
    and occasionally even more.

    I've tried the various suggested measures to alleviate the problems, with minimal (and only temporary) success at best. I've had no success at all in trying to get information directly from Microsoft through Support. It's worth noting that all the various
    suggestions to deal with these problems involving taking steps to cripple Windows functionality in order to reduce system overheads, thereby depriving users of some of the very benefits the OS is supposed to provide. Microsoft doesn't seem to be bothered by
    that; in fact, it seem quite content to allow users to flounder around in the mess created by the update.

    Does anyone have a definitive solution for the RAM leakage and CPU usage problems (short of turning to an alternative OS)? Is there any word as to whether Microsoft will address these problems soon?

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    FlatPicker, Nov 27, 2020

Regarding RAM usage,system hanging problem

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