Windows 10: Reinstalled Win10 into SP3, will not boot, shows multiple version

Discus and support Reinstalled Win10 into SP3, will not boot, shows multiple version in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I got a surface pro 3 that was having issues, so i tried to wipe it clean, it gave an error about how it was not able to be wiped, I think thats... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by truwrxtacy, May 14, 2017.

  1. Reinstalled Win10 into SP3, will not boot, shows multiple version

    I got a surface pro 3 that was having issues, so i tried to wipe it clean, it gave an error about how it was not able to be wiped, I think thats because it was originally Win8 and i installed Win10 on it, so the reset process is not the same. So i went into the recovery and formatted the primary drive, and reinstalled Win10 on it, it did not boot, gave some error. So i went and reformatted my USB Drive to make sure that was no error and redid the ISO and tried to install Win10 again. This time it installed but still would not boot, something about SrtTrail. I did some digging and looked that the "startup repair diagnosis and repair log"

    shows number of root causes = 1

    but everything shows sucessful,

    -check for updates = completed successfully
    -system disk test
    -disk failure diagnosis
    -disk metadata test
    -target OS test
    -volume content check
    -boot manager diagnosis
    -system boot log diagnosis
    -event log diagnosis
    -internal state check
    -check for pending package install
    -boot status check
    -setup state check
    all of these shows sucess then at the bottom it says

    Root cause found: Failure while setup is in progress

    another weird thing about this is that when i try to boot, there are now 3 versions of windows 10, all on the same volume even though i have reformatted the HD everytime before i reinstalled Win10

    currently when it tries to boot, it gives error Windows could not load required file winsetup.dll. The file may be corrupt. To install windows, restart the installation. Error code 0xC1

    please help


    truwrxtacy, May 14, 2017
  2. JAMAJ79 Win User

    Dual Monitor Issue on SP3 with Win 10

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and I just upgraded to Win10.

    I was running dual 4K monitors via HDMI and connected to the SP3 docking station via the two display ports. Last week when running Win8.1, I had 3 monitors, the two external 4K monitors and then SP3 screen.

    Today, after upgrading to Win10. Only one external monitor shows up and the SP3 screen. I tested that both monitors are working properly, but when going into display settings on Win10. It doesn't even show the third monitor; second external one.

    ANyone have any suggestions as to why this is and what the fix is?
    JAMAJ79, May 14, 2017
  3. ant434 Win User
    Windows updates failing

    I've done some web searches and it seems the ISO might contain multiple versions of windows10, and /index:1 was causing dism to show one of the version(at index1) which happened to be win10 S.

    So if i go ahead and do a repair install, hopefully it will give me the option to choose win10 home, or it will see that I have win10 home and have win10 home in the iso and install that.

    *Edit: It was multiple version ISO, i just had to leave off the 'index:1' for it to show them all.

    It didn't give me options, but it did say it was going to install Win10 Home(and keep files and apps) before I clicked next which is fine.

    Installing now. Will post if it solves my issue or not.

    *Edit2: It's fixed now. Thanks for the help.
    ant434, May 14, 2017
  4. Reinstalled Win10 into SP3, will not boot, shows multiple version

    Hi truwrxtacy

    First off I would use the media creation tool to create a bootable USB key. When you do so now it will load the Creator Update.

    Follow this tutorial, a link to the Media Creation is within, and watch BIOS settings, you need to disable secure boot and Fast Boot (should the SP3 have these settings)

    Clean Install Windows 10

    Now when you first boot from the USB key and before you start any thing press "Shift + F10" This will bring you to a command prompt. Then enter the following commands to identify and completely wipe SP3 disk. (This will wipe any vendor recovery partitions.)

    List disk (Will give you a list of disks, you want your SP3 not the USB number.)
    select disk 0 (ensure zero is where you want to install, your SP3 disk)

    You should then be able to proceed with installation.

    Caledon Ken, May 15, 2017

Reinstalled Win10 into SP3, will not boot, shows multiple version

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