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Discus and support Remap Home button in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Hello, I have a MX3-L wireless airmouse/keyboard and would like to remap the Home button on it to a combination of keys. I want to use the Home button... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by noob00224, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. noob00224 Win User

    Remap Home button


    I have a MX3-L wireless airmouse/keyboard and would like to remap the Home button on it to a combination of keys.
    I want to use the Home button for starting a new window of Firefox (Ctrl+N).
    Default page for Firefox is
    If I press the Home button while the window is not focused it opens a new window.
    If I press the Home button while the window is focused on it goes to the default page. So if I'm on any other page other than the default, I loose it, which I don't want.
    This used to work properly in Win7, but fails in Win10.

    I also have a Microsoft Ergo 4000 wired keyboard which has a Home button. The button can be remapped/disabled by the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
    The default for the button is Start Web Browser. It behaves the same as the Home button on the airmouse. What I can do here is map the button so it starts a program. Setting it to start firefox.exe give me the result I want.
    Problem is this only affects the Microsoft keyboard.

    Tried the following software:
    Key remapper
    Sharp keys
    Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
    Key Mapper
    Key extender

    Some did not see the Home key at all, and even the ones that saw it did not work.
    The only one that could remap to combination of keys is Key remapper, but does not work properly:
    I make the change to remap Home to Ctrl+N.
    This reactivates the Home button on the keyboard, even If I have it disabled.
    Pressing the Home button on the airmouse opens a new window, but also sends the old to it's default.

    What other software can I use, or how can I achieve the desired result?

    noob00224, Dec 3, 2018
  2. pagalms Win User

    Remap wireless mouse buttons?

    Hey there! *Smile Remap Home button :)
    I have Logitech MX620 wireless mouse and i'm looking for remap search button (never used it) to something more useful, like Refresh for i-net browsers. Is it possible to remap it without using additional software (editing registry or something like that)?
    *Smile Remap Home button :)
    BTW pic of the mouse and it's button, that i wish to remap:

    Remap Home button [​IMG]
    pagalms, Dec 3, 2018
  3. Button Remapping (Xbox)

    Hello Microsoft, i was wondering if there is a setting to remap your triggers. You can remap any other button, but not the triggers which is the one i want to remap. And if there isn't a way, can you make it so there is?

    * Moved from Community Participation Center
    BeauBarbie, Dec 3, 2018
  4. Remap Home button

    Trying to remap gamepad buttons


    I was wondering if there's anyway I can remap my gamepad's button assignments? Ideally, I'd rather not do this for a specific game/application, but rather in general.

    Right now, I have one of those PS2 to USB adapters. While it works just fine, the buttons assignments are a bit screwy. Usually, most games I play with this gamepad allow for me to just remap button assignments within the game. But, this year's Madden NFL title is giving everyone fits; users cannot remap "pre-snap" button commands. *Frown Remap Home button :(

    Anyway, I was just curious if there's some software or registry tweak that would allow me to change my gamepad buttons?

    Oh, and I think it might be worth mentioning that I went into my Registry and changed my gamepad's name. While that now allows Madden to recognize my device as a Logitech, the button assignments are still incorrect, (or correct...depending on how you look at it *Wink Remap Home button ;) ).

    - Thanks!

    OS: WindowsXP Professional
    Hardware: PS2 Gamepad using XANGA PC-2802 USB Adapter
    Device OS Name: XINGA USB v2003
    JoeyRoland, Dec 3, 2018

Remap Home button

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