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Discus and support Remove this virus, save my PC in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; I believe something I downloaded the other day completely screwed with my PC. Windows says it is no longer activated, the product key it is showing is... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by Matt0295, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Matt0295 Win User

    Remove this virus, save my PC

    I believe something I downloaded the other day completely screwed with my PC. Windows says it is no longer activated, the product key it is showing is only 20 characters. Windows defender is completely disabled and I can not mess with it at all. I have tried restarting my PC and pretty much everything I can think of with no luck. I tried something I saw on here yesterday to fix any corrupt system files, it said it fixed them but nothing has changed. Really needing help here. Thank you

    Matt0295, Nov 20, 2019
  2. Jsssssssss, Nov 20, 2019
  3. Solaris17 Win User
    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Software and Background
    In this section we will briefly go over the software being used and why we chose this software as opposed to other options. This is more of an academic type of post that will clarify the more important "WHY" when it comes to removal. It is important to understand that in order to effectively remove or have the best chance too remove a virus you must have the proper tools. The software listed below is based on several key points. Those mostly being.
    • Free
    • Easy to use
    • Minimal user interaction
    • Update friendly
    At no point should you think that the software chosen was chosen because it is better than xyz or the "Best". That doesn't mean the software is "not the best" just that I am trying to break the mindset of "Best" it is important to shake the idea that a one off solution is always going to be the better one.

    A Porsche is fast and will get you to work sooner than an 18 wheeler but if your hauling tractors to work the 18 wheeler is better suited. This is no different in the security world applications are built for a specific purpose for the most part and because of the nature of heuristic code engines some software will do better than others even if it is the same area of interest.

    Software List
    - Threat Restraint
    • Rkill
    -Rootkit Removers
    • TDSS
    • bootkitremover
    • MBAR
    -Broad Spectrum Scanners
    • Roguekiller
    • EEK
    • MBAM
    • Sophos VRT
    • HitmanPro
    - Malware/Junkware Removers
    • ADWCleaner
    • JRT
    -Targeted Repairs
    • Powerliks
    • Combofix
    -Wrap-up and Repair
    • TWEAK
    • REVOuninstaller
    • Ccleaner

    Above is the list of software this guide will cover and what you will be using to disinfect the machine in question. Now; we will go more into why we separate them into groups in the next section. Here I will explain weakness and strength between software types and programs so you can understand why there are so many.

    A common question is why don't we have a 1 all solution paid or otherwise that can handle all of well...all of this. The answer is simple.

    You can't.

    Every virus removal tool is different in some way. Some are able to detect things others can not. Above are the groups of different software. For example EEK is a broad spectrum scanner. However EEK cannot detect rootkits as well as programs specifically designed to remove rootkits like TDSS. Likewise Programs like TDSS are completely incapable of detecting malware, it simply isn't programmed for it.

    Software in the same category also behaves differently. Hitman is very good at detecting browser issues and cookies. However Sophos isn't so great at browser infections but is better at scanning core system folders.

    The AV world is full of these kinds of checks and balances which makes proper removal more of a skill than a click of a few buttons. Nothing is 100% and you must rely on the differences the tools have to increase your chances of success.

    - Running scans in order

    Running scans in the correct order might be something you are unfamiliar with. I will try to break down the basic concept as to why this is important to you. For the most part it boils down to permissions. Be it actual NTFS permissions or actual Privilege. Digging deeper you should ALWAYS attack an infection in this order.
    • Threat restraint
    Threat restraint is an important step because it will allow you the user to more easily work with your machine which is probably super slow because of infection. Using programs like killemall or Rkill stop known malware processes which free up memory and CPU making it a little easier and faster to deal with your machine.
    • Root/Boot Kits
    As previously covered Root and Bootkits are low level infections that grant admin (root) access to the machine. This software also for the most part changes permissions of core system files in order to more easily control your machine. It is very important to target and remove these infections first because the modifications they make can stop other higher level removal tools from working correctly.
    • Virus Scans
    Actual Virus removal comes next. Trojans, worms, spyware all virus class infections cause some kind of issues with system services, built in security protection and have the ability to prevent removal tools from opening. These kinds of infections need to be delt with second so that we can ease the restraints on the system so that our tools have the proper permissions and resources to run.
    • Mal/Junkware scans
    These are the last class of tools to run. These infections usually adhere to the user level of least privilege. They are really annoying and bothersome but are usually the most simple to remove. Unfortunately the tools that remove them require the use of system resources most of the time and assume they have everything they need to proceed. For this reason malware and junkware removal scans are done last because they totally rely on the previous steps being done and corrected to run correctly.
    • Repair
    Repair tools like tweak are used last. These programs reset windows to a default usable state. From folder options and icon size to default services and program startup. Most of the virus removal tools correct security related issues that the virus they are removing affected.

    However sometimes more things have been touched and damaged and for these we use repair software last to correct the remaining issues after a full removal.
    Solaris17, Nov 20, 2019
  4. VishwaRaj Win User

    Remove this virus, save my PC

    How To Remove Virus Completely

    This is the most common cause and serious issue that your Phone is get infected by the Virus and Not Removed even after formatting, only due to some common wrong way..... Just only follow these steps to thoroughly make the Phone Virus Free.

    • Remove the SD Card First.
    • Then Connect the SD CARD into the PC through the Card reader or any other Mode.....( Warning PC must not be infected by virus ).
    • Then Format the SD Card.
    • Then Format the phone.
    VishwaRaj, Nov 20, 2019

Remove this virus, save my PC

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