Windows 10: Renaming and moving folders

Discus and support Renaming and moving folders in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; When, if ever, is Microsoft going to fix the highly annoying problem that prevents folders from being moved or renamed? This has existed for some times... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by antidisestablishmentarini, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Renaming and moving folders

    When, if ever, is Microsoft going to fix the highly annoying problem that prevents folders from being moved or renamed? This has existed for some times and all kinds of "fixes" can be found on the Web but none of them work. The only fix is to do it with the Run Command, but if I have to use DOS, why do I need Windows? Tech support's solution is to reinstall. Baloney. How difficult can it be to devise an update with a fix?

    antidisestablishmentarini, Apr 18, 2019

  2. files and folders "renaming music folder to audio"


    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.

    • Are you facing any issues in renaming folder?
    • When you say, "music folder does not apply anymore as a primary designation" what exactly are you referring to?
    Follow the steps below to rename folder:

    • Right click on a folder which you want to rename.
    • Select Rename and enter new name for it.
    Hope this helps. Kindly get back to us with the above details to assist you further.

    Thank You.
    ThofikhAhamad, Apr 18, 2019
  3. Can't rename folder.

    Hi Howard,

    It is possible that the difficulty renaming your folder is due to access/account limitation or a recent change was made on your computer. For better assistance, please answer the following questions:

    • Are you getting an error message when trying to rename the folder?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you tried?
    • Can you send us a screenshot of the "Public" folders?

    We will be waiting for your response.
    Dennis Mop, Apr 18, 2019
  4. Renaming and moving folders

    Can't move, rename, or delete folders

    I've been trying to do some work with some folders (work which involves the things listed in the title) but can't because it either (when trying to move or rename folders) says they're open in another program, when I know for a fact they are not, or (when
    I try to delete a folder) says I need admin permission, but even when I get permission, it still says I need permission from something named "DESKTOP" followed by an assortment of letters and numbers. I think I should also mention that this only applies to
    the folders themselves, not the files inside them. I can move, edit, and delete those with no problems, but the folders they're stored in cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted.

    So far I've tried disabling sharing, disabling thumbnails, increasing my users permissions, and giving myself ownership of the folders, but none of those worked.
    BenjaminQuinn, Apr 18, 2019

Renaming and moving folders

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