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Discus and support Resolution not fitting screen & Others in Windows 10 Graphic Cards to solve the problem; I have a few problems, I'll just list them and what I know because frankly I can't think of the answers. Even working with computers as a job I'm still... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphic Cards' started by MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. MatthewE Win User

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others

    I have a few problems, I'll just list them and what I know because frankly I can't think of the answers. Even working with computers as a job I'm still mind blown by some of these.

    Problem 1
    I have a XFX R7-260X-CNF4 R7 260X running on windows 10 x64. Anyway my monitor is quite old, well 4yr and only has VGA so I got DVI -> VGA converted, so all is fine.
    I selected 'Auto readjust' on the monitor by accident and it makes the screen completely funny, with about 1/4 black screen and the windows desktop making up the other 3/4 of the screen with a blank space at the top - i.e. its not right at all.
    I go into catalyst, change the setting from 1920 x 1080 60Hz to something else. I try changing it back to 1920 x 1080 60Hz, it doesn't work. It only selects 1600 x 1200 60Hz.
    The highest Hz I can have is 1920 x 1080 30Hz interlaced which flickers the screen and is completely unusable.
    If I do get it back to 1920 x 1080 60Hz which I have somehow before the task-bar on the bottom is completely cut off. It didn't used to be and on the 30Hz equivalent it's there?

    What it looks like on 1920 x 1080 60Hz: (There is a black space above the screen of about an inch or so).

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others [​IMG]

    What it looks like on 1920 x 1080 30Hz interlaced (what it should look like on 60Hz):

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others [​IMG]

    I've tried a system restore thinking it might've edited the settings and that didn't work, it got canceled halfway saying that it was unable to restore.

    Windows start menu & search won't work. They just don't function whatsoever, tried a repair, disk check and so far as I can see they fail some reason, I can try get logs although its a pain. Windows key doesn't make it appear?

    Problem 3

    Windows wifi won't automatically connect, it detects, knows the password but no matter what I do it doesn't connect.

    I have windows 10 ISO with no functioning disk drive and therefore is it possible to mount it to a 16GB Sandisk USB and therefore run a repair or something? My windows 10 has been functioning fine from around October.

    I would also run a 'refresh' or 'reinstall windows' although it threatens to uninstall things that are on my other drives such as games. None of these drives have any windows OS files on and therefore I'm unsure why it's suggesting this unless I unplug the drives and only leave the OS?

    Drive setup:
    64GB Sandisk SSD - OS
    1TB WD - Games, files etc
    320GB Seagate Barracuda - My documents, My music, My photos etc

    I'd be thankful for any help.

    Kind regards,

    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  2. grimboddy Win User

    windows 10 update did... something to my graphics

    update: it only does this on a couple of other resolutions. one of those resolutions is, unfortunately, the recommended one and none of the other ones fit my screen. does anybody have any idea how to get the resolution back to looking normal?
    grimboddy, Mar 27, 2015
  3. nirajvshk Win User
    Resolution problem

    i cant fit resolution to my laptop screen

    Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Install, upgrade, & activate
    nirajvshk, Mar 27, 2015
  4. CountMike New Member

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others

    For problem No 1: Adjust picture using buttons on the monitor, it will remember it.
    CountMike, Mar 27, 2015
  5. MatthewE Win User
    I've tried, honestly it doesn't let you change the horizontal or vertical settings. I'm not sure why, on Catalyst its determined the monitor is 1600 x 900 and if you press 'auto' it shifts the screen and makes it worse than what I can get it to using settings. I remember first getting the card 3 weeks ago and it not fitting res properly, and nothing on the monitor helped - it just made the matters worse and I DID get it to 1920 x 1080 just fine by using catalyst and windows resolution. It's as if when I accidentally pressed 'AUTO' it's shifted a setting in the monitor that I can't put back because as soon as it's on 60hz it doesn't fit, but same res on 30Hz interlaced fits fine.

    Fiddling around, I found EDID scales it to the screen edges fine but only makes the max res of 1600 x 900 which is no good.

    'Composite SYNC' means I can change the monitor settings which then effect the resolution and position but however when I disable this I can't edit the monitor vertical settings to make it fit to the screen properly (it says 255 which I presume shouldn't be 255 at all.)
    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  6. MatthewE Win User
    I'm tempted to just buy a LG 25" Widescreen seen as this monitor is old, but then I'm worried that it'll be the same problem then although I'm hoping not, it does do the same to my TV for some strange reason when it's set to 1920 x 1080P although if I set it to 'Automatic scaling of Digital Flat Panel' it'll make it look fine on it's normal setting.

    And for the monitor thinking or the driver thinking it's 1600 x 900 I don't know. My monitor when I selected 1920x1440 said "NOT OPTIMIUM SETTING - SHOULD BE 1920 X 1080".

    Completely boggled.

    Problem 2 I've solved.
    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  7. CountMike New Member
    I have almost same GPU, just no "x" and it's MSI but everything is right with both monitors and they are not new aether. One is Samsung 2494 with DVI (1680x1050) and other is LG W2241s (1440x 900) with VGA input. Cant run higher resolutions because of sight, gets too small at 1990. Had to set both of them manually to get picture fit the screen right at limits. You never said which drivers you are using for GPU, I'm using 14.12 Omega drivers both for 8.1 and W 10TP.
    CountMike, Mar 27, 2015
  8. MatthewE Win User

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others

    BETA Catalyst installed as far as I'm aware. Although it does say 14.301.1013-141117a-177876E as the current version when clicking on information.

    The thing that's annoying me the most is, it did this. I fixed it, it worked on 1920 x 1080 fine and fitted the screen no problem but as soon as I accidentally pressed AUTO adjust on the monitor (Samsung SyncMaster B2230 - It comes up as generic NON-PNP monitor and there doesn't appear to be a driver) it shifted the screen and I've never been able to get it back.

    No matter what settings I use, V-Position on the monitor won't budge. It's the one I'd presume needs to budge to allow the space at the top to disappear.

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others [​IMG]

    The gap at the top is more clear in this picture.

    Resolution not fitting screen & Others [​IMG]
    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  9. CountMike New Member
    14.501.1003.141120a.178000c is full version of 14.12 drivers I got from AMD site. Manufacturer sites tend to have older versions. There is a 15.3 version from MS but it doesn't have CCC. You can also try turning EDID on/off, with it off you should see some more resolution options.
    CountMike, Mar 27, 2015
  10. MatthewE Win User
    As far as I'm aware it isn't a driver issue, it's a setting issue. I tried EDID on, it makes it max 1600 x 900 which does fill the screen, off it makes 1920 x 1080 not an option.
    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  11. CountMike New Member
    Did you try scaling options as that's a VGA display ?
    CountMike, Mar 27, 2015
  12. MatthewE Win User
    I don't have such options on the list?
    They're kinda greyed out, I got them enabled by plugging another monitor in but even then all of them don't seem to make any difference. They shrink the screen massively to like 1024 size.
    MatthewE, Mar 27, 2015
  13. Resolution not fitting screen & Others

    Try starting over - power everything down, disconnect the monitor, remove power form the monitor and wait at least 30 seconds.

    Power up the monitor and see what options are given (language, resolution, ???)

    I'm not sure but that should set the defaults for the monitor - from your screen it looks as though the pitch is not right.
    Are there buttons on the monitor or is just on-screen configuration?
    I can adjust my monitor using buttons on the bottom right of the frame (near the power button)

    Once you monitor is 'reset' power it down and reconnect it to your machine.

    Here's the manual that I found for Samsung SyncMaster B2230 (in it there are settings for B2230, B2230N, and B2230W)
    Manual (PDF)
    The menu is in 3-14 (see reset)
    From this page which has some help topics at the bottom.

    If it Windows, try setting the Samsung as your primary - do not clone it.

    I recall a similar issue where I had to reset the DPI scaling (your taskbar off the bottom reminded me of this). I think Windows gets confused and you have to 'toggle' the setting higher, then lower or visa versa.

    Also check your resolution in Control Panel Display - I think I also had to drive that up or down before the issue was 'resolved'.

    But start from a known base - reset your physical monitor, then twiddle with Windows settings (I'd venture it is not the GPU)

    Good luck - that's all I have to offer.
    Slartybart, Mar 28, 2015
  14. MatthewE Win User
    I'll try the first step once I get a chance.

    On the monitor you have the options as seen, there isn't a lot. V-Position seems the one I need to change but it physically won't budge when you try holding down the buttons although H-Position does.

    I've tried the reset button and I don't think it did much, I certainly didn't notice a change in settings or display.

    I don't clone them, however I was duplicating the monitors as it enabled other options on Catalyst. I noticed Sync needs to be enabled to interact with the Samsung monitor settings, scaling is enabled which then sizes it to the screen fine - but somewhere it believe's there is a 1600 x 900 max res in Catalyst when Scaling or EDID is enabled - not sure where this setting is but it's won't go higher.

    It's just annoying because it worked fine and then suddenly one button and it goes completely awol.

    Not sure whether its best just to admit defeat and purchase a newer monitor which doesn't have such ridiculous settings and has DVI, Hdmi etc slots.

    - Might need a new SSD seen as SFC /scannow doesn't even run past 2% which is worrying.
    MatthewE, Mar 28, 2015
  15. Hold on to your money for the moment. If the monitor works well on you base system, then it's Win10 - a preview OS that's most likely the culprit.

    SFC doesn't gauge the condition of your SSD (and it's been known to have issues since the first TP). If you want to test your SSD, go to the Mfgr site and use their tool.

    It's your call when to say "uncle", but remember, this (Win10) is very early code.

    IF I think of anything else, I'll post it. There are lots of members that can help out, so hang tight someone might drop by your thread with a solution.

    CountMike has been helping you - it sounds as though his setup is fairly close to yours (except the monitor) - he might have more to give.

    Slartybart, Mar 28, 2015

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