Windows 10: "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

Discus and support "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; Hi, on version 1703 the "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working. When I set a time to restart in the future there is only a "update and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by rm22, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. rm22 Win User

    "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

    Hi, on version 1703 the "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working. When I set a time to restart in the future there is only a "update and shutdown" option in the start menu so I can't shutdown the machine without updating...

    Any suggestions?


  2. Lumia " The Future is Here "

    This is a support forum, not a complaints department.

    I suggest you directly submit your complaints about hardware to Nokia and software to Microsoft.

    Also it often helps to read reviews when switching platforms to make sure it suits your needs. From what you've said the Lumia 820 clearly doesn't suit you.
    psychomania---01, Jun 14, 2017
  3. forced updates ruin my day

    I clicked on a popup to "schedule" restart. It took me to a page but no matter what I tried, the option to schedule a time was greyed out. One more reason I am a "baffled guy."
    baffledguy, Jun 14, 2017
  4. dalchina New Member

    "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

    Could you clarify- did you set active hours before the update arrived or afterwards?

    You may be interested in the ability to set windows updates to notify only- so you choose when to download them.
    (Don't be put off by the title of the link- search for notify)
    How to disable Windows Update in Windows 10 RTM - Winaero
    dalchina, Jun 14, 2017
  5. rm22 Win User
    active hours were set before the update arrived - I set the restart options after getting a notification that there was an update.

    It did not auto-restart, but there was no way for me to shutdown the machine without also updating.
  6. Bree New Member
    You usually get the two options on the power button ('Shutdown' or 'Update and Shutdown') when there is a major upgrade ready and waiting to install, such as the upgrade from Anniversary Update (1607) to Creators Update (1703). This is because the upgrade can take up to an hour to install and it would be silly not to give you the choice.

    On the other hand a cumulative update takes very little time to install. It may well be by design that you do not have an option to shutdown without installing. It could reasonably be argued that your decision to shut down should be regarded as an override to the scheduled time you had set, much as clicking the 'update now' button would be.

    In that case, if there is a valid reason you must 'power down' the PC without updating, then Hibernate would be your alternative option.
  7. rm22 Win User
    Not to mention the hours it takes to test for bugs / reset settings / fix the mess left - I'm not happy MS doesn't provide the option for a long term path for "Home / Pro" licenses.

    I guess that makes sense - I was assuming it was a bug. I"ve had WU disabled on all Win 10 machines for quite awhile - I can't afford the time to deal with potential issues until the weekend.

    Right - I guess I'll just leave WU disabled

    Thanks for the feedback
  8. dalchina New Member

    "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

    If it's disabled, you won't get Defender updates either, if you use that, so you need to set up a scheduled task to deal with that. This has been discussed on this forum previously.

    I've not experienced problems with routine updates with the Anniversary Edition (once the flak had settled in the first few months after it was released).

    My approach is:
    1. Set updates to Notify (see my post above); everything is then under my control as to when it happens.
    2. Ensure I maintain a current disk image using Macrium R, and update that before an update is applied. (See (1) ).
    3. I have Pro, so have Defer Feature Updates set. (That means I won't get the CU for some months- which suits me on at least the following grounds:
    a. It seems to offer no advantages to me.
    b. I will then get the CU + updates released to fix issues over the months subsequent to its release, given the history of difficulties some experience.
    c. By then a 3rd party utility will hopefully have been updated to be compatible.
    dalchina, Jun 15, 2017
  9. rm22 Win User
    hmm - I've checked Defender many times because I assumed it would not update with WU disabled, but the definitions are always up to date. However, I cannot manually update Defender definitions with WU disabled. I have Zemana installed anyway, but Defender looks like it's working fine.

    Right - thanks for that link - if the registry tweak works that is a better approach then just disabling WU. I'm on "Home" though so I'll have to use "Windows Update Mini Tool" to delay Feature Updates. This has the added bonus that if I use WUMT then WU will not also try to install updates at the same time - otherwise I'd need to set WU to only check for updates manually
  10. dalchina New Member
    dalchina, Jun 15, 2017
  11. rm22 Win User
    I'm maintaining machines running 1511, 1607 and 1703 - in all versions Defender updates definitions with WU disabled - at least that is what is indicated in the GUI
  12. You can do hibernate your machine to update it later. On such phase, it cannot be shut down without updating.
    bobmaria57, Jun 21, 2017
  13. rm22 Win User

    "Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

    unfortunately, the registry tweak does not seem to have any effect.

"Restart Options - Schedule a Time..." is not working

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