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Discus and support Restore Point question in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; I have restore point space limited to 2Gigs on my Tablet. I've noticed that when a new restore point is created at the top of the list, an old one is... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by milford, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. milford Win User

    Restore Point question

    I have restore point space limited to 2Gigs on my Tablet. I've noticed that when a new restore point is created at the top of the list, an old one is removed from the bottom of the list. Sooner or later, I will end up with totally new restore points. Is there a way to save one specific restore point, and not loose it? (without actually backing up (not an option on my Tablet) ).

    milford, Feb 9, 2016
  2. Rhina Vib Win User

    Automatic System Image Restore Points - Question

    System restore points may be deleted or missing because of several reasons. For information regarding why restore points may be deleted, as well as steps on how to resolve this issue, you can refer to

    Nachappa C K
    's post on this

    Keep us posted.
    Rhina Vib, Feb 9, 2016
  3. Jerry8AB Win User
    Automatic System Image Restore Points - Question

    Rhina -

    Thanks for the reply and the link. I have a follow-up question on a comment made in the link, but first I would like to ask a followup on my original post question.

    The screenshot I originally sent listed the automated restore points. When I did a restore in the Safe Mode, the automated restore points were not listed. Why is that?

    See below.



    Restore Point question [​IMG]
    Jerry8AB, Feb 9, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Restore Point question

    Hi, not how it's designed, I'm afraid.

    Consider the case where you've updated a program, or changed its settings then you restore an old restore point, for example. So the idea is perhaps not to have old restore points.

    You could consider using disk imaging which is far more comprehensive and valuable
    - full backup
    - can be used to transfer everything to a new HDD if the old one fails etc
    - restores your PC to a completely functional state

    However, more recent versions of files replaced are lost- a disadvantage compared with System Restore.

    Everyone should use this to circumvent many technically awkward situations quickly and without technical help.
    dalchina, Feb 9, 2016
  5. b1rd Win User
    (EDIT: I was typing this out when dalchina responded, so excuse the repeated information. I'll leave mine up too, as it has some links.)

    Hi milford,

    I don't know about your exact question, but why not use a back-up image instead? I mean for the time period that you want to save and not have it written over by a new system restore snap-shot.

    If interested, you can either use Windows Imaging, or perhaps one of the below free options. This way you can save, date and store an exact image of your hard drive and re-load it when necessary.


    It amazes me why more people do not follow these precautions. Especially when they are both free and relatively easy to use. I can only assume it's just the lack of knowledge that these programs even exists.

    It takes just a moment to run a back up, or no time if you configure it to run on a schedule. AOMEI just saved me (again) two days ago.
    b1rd, Feb 9, 2016
  6. milford Win User
    I am using a Dell Venu Pro Tablet running Windows 10. Backing up in NOT an option. This has one micro USB port. It does not recognize a external DVD drive. It will recognize a flash drive as far as moving files between File Manager and the flash drive. As far as backing up, the Tablet will not recognize the flash drive as a suitable device/media source. At the worst, I can only do Repair/Refresh to bring back an "as new" system.

    I am using my tablet as "expendable". I am trying different software to see how it works. If it works before actually installing it to my laptop or my son's. This way, if I don't like it or it doesn't wok properly, I can un-install it. However, some software creates a restore point, bumping a "good restore point" off the list. (where was I?) If it get to a point where my Tablet becomes unstable, then I do a repair or refresh install.
    milford, Feb 9, 2016
  7. b1rd Win User
    If you don't have any other options, you can still create a system image and store it on your main drive. From there you can drag a copy onto the flash and save it.

    Now just keep the original copy on your main drive for when needed. The saved system image is for if the entire drive crashes, so at least you'll have your data which you can access down the line. It's not the best option, but at least it's an added layer of protection. Also, you can repeat that as time goes on, to keep more current back up images saved.

    Years ago, it was pretty much doing that or burning multiple CDs.

    You do have the option of disabling System Restore, which can be done prior to testing the software. I'd just make sure you have some recent back ups first.

    Yes, see HERE for some info.
    b1rd, Feb 9, 2016
  8. milford Win User

    Restore Point question

    Ya think I got room?
    milford, Feb 9, 2016
  9. b1rd Win User
    Never read anything about such a limited storage capacity- apologies.

    Sill unclear as to why you can't use a flash drive though, but I am not too familiar with tablets, so forgive me if I'm missing the obvious.

    I'm unclear about the following statement: "It will recognize a flash drive as far as moving files between File Manager and the flash drive. As far as backing up, the Tablet will not recognize the flash drive as a suitable device/media source."

    If a flash drive is recognized as indicated, then why can't you use the flash drive as the location source of the back-up, as well as the bootable media?

    In-other-words, configure a decent size flash drive to become bootable using RUFUS or another program of your choice. Place a copy of the imaging recovery (bootable) ISO image onto that same flash. (The imaging programs have built in options to create bootable media.)

    So, on that one flash drive you should have the ability to boot from it, as well as use it to store the backed up image. (I am assuming you can in fact store the image on the same flash, but I've never tried it that way).

    I would suggest a flash of at least 32 GB to be safe. Perhaps larger if you wanted multiple back-ups saved. They also have 2-In-1Micro USB Flash Drives, if that would help.

    If you were saying that the tablet (BIOS) does not have the ability to boot from a flash, then none of what I'm offering will work.
    b1rd, Apr 5, 2018

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