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Discus and support Restore Point in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Does using a Restore point to restore Windows 10 to an earlier time actually work now (my Win 10 is fully up to date)? I know when I first got... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by huffman, Nov 21, 2020 at 4:47 PM.

  1. huffman Win User

    Restore Point

    Does using a Restore point to restore Windows 10 to an earlier time actually work now (my Win 10 is fully up to date)?

    I know when I first got Windows 10 this function did NOT work.

    Just would like to know. Thank you.

  2. jellyroll Win User

    How to delete inactive System Image Restore Points in System Restore

    Windows 10 64-bit.
    When I click "show more restore points" in System Restore I see a bunch of old "system image restore points" that were deleted in past and do not correspond to any currently active restore points. Clicking any of these old restore points, I simply get an error message saying they could not be found, and to select another restore point instead.I would like to delete these restore points listings but have been unable to do so.
    So far, I have tried steps mentioned below without any luck :

    Disk Cleanup through (CRestore Point :) Properties
    Disable System Protection (OFF and ON) in System Protection for OS (CRestore Point :)
    Disk Space Usage to minimum (slider button all the way to the left then 'Delete all restore points for this drive'),
    Delete all shown Restore points in CCleaner (the problem ones do not show here),
    Reset Windows Backup to Default in Windows 10 with 'Reset_Windows_Backup.bat' utility.

    Any suggestions highly welcome.
  3. Brink Win User
    Automatically Create System Restore Point at Startup in Windows 10  

    Hello ma3ino, Restore Point :)

    Please double check using the screenshots under step 11 to verify if the restore point is listed there.
  4. Restore Point

    creating a restore point

    Hi Anthony,

    We understand that you're having an issue with creating a restore point. For us to further assist you, we'd like to gather additional information.

    • Have you tried creating system restore point manually?
    • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps before posting this concern? If yes, what are those?

    If you haven't created a system restore point manually, you can refer to the article below and follow the instructions given. Disable your antivirus or security software and then try to create a system restore point manually.

    Create a system restore point

    Looking forward to your response.
    Reymichael Ros, Nov 21, 2020 at 5:07 PM

Restore Point

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